Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09 09 09 Think About What John Lennon Has Missed

Good Morning Readers,

John Lennon had a thing about the number 9 and he nearly single handedly stamped it into the psyche of the Baby Boomers. He never knew the Internet, yet a quick count today shows nearly 5 million hits on the web just of his image. Google meant nothing to him yet google his name and you get nearly 13,000,000 hits on him! Along with Paul McCartney he penned words and music that will never die, that are repeated more than any other words in song in the entire history of man. Not the words of Lincoln, Washington, Plato, Jackson, Kennedy, really no one brings such clear, emotion spikes in the minds of all age groups of humans now alive. Nearly 30 years ago he died. We are all a little bit like John Lennon now - we all remember ourselves as imperfect in the things we have done and said. He appeals to us in that way. Think about we have seen in the world since then.


A bit of rare Beatles outtakes to be found on ThinkMusic

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