Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"When The Rain Comes....."

Hello again everyone!

It has been a very busy time. I don't know where to begin. The Rain. After a couple of months without rain - around 4 this afternoon a gentle rain began falling here in Beautiful Portland Oregon. Warm summer night now and I am sleepy. We have been preparing the new site for Mr. Apollo (photo of actual rv above), and, if all goes well, sometime this week the move will be made. Across the Pond Dam and then tweaked in between the house and the studio. The idea then is to construct an enclosed passage between the Motor Coach and the House. I think I mentioned once that the house is old and in need of some pretty serious repair. The next little project in line is to pour a big hunking concrete pier through the living room floor. (Actually through the hole I cut in the floor). Let cure for 2 weeks and then jack up the center of the house with a pair of 20 ton hydraulic jacks on either side of a 16 foot long 4x10 old growth beam. Center nicely and then center set in a 12 foot tall 12x12 post between the new concrete pier and the beam. Craft in a couple of corboys and 'bobs your uncle'.

Tomorrow, if i have time I plan to scan a thought provoking paper I received today at a town hall meeting concerning health insurance reform. Actually a pretty civil event compared to what I hear is happening in other parts of the country. I am hopeful that this discourse is a good thing and not a polarizing thing, for surely this is the time to unite and work things out just as sure as it is not the time to become paralyzed and let this opportunity slip by. I encourage everyone to comment on it after you have taken the time to read it.

As summed up in the Pink Floyd song:

"And I, I have become.....
comfortably numb..."

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