Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Need For National Health Care Reform

Being ill makes you think about health care! Why does the USA have the most unaffordable health care in the western world? I watched an interesting debate on television about the issue and the different sides of the issue were discussed. Canada has national health care. Mexico has national health care. (Our daughter Kawena was born there and we paid full cost for the entire birth - $120.00 us dollars . Our son Thomas was born in Oregon 3 years earlier - same care, same procedures - cost, $10,400.00 us dollars!!


You can find this nice little tv discussion at:

here is an interesting article from the ny times:

I would urge all of my readers to focus on this important issue and consider it from all sides!! What does it mean to you, do you have young children, is your income average, maybe most importantly - why is it cheaper to fly to Mexico to have dental work?

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  1. I got to tell you, my mom has been trying for over 20 years to become a Canadian citizen and one of the main reasons is FREE HEALTH CARE.(Plus the fact her relatives live in Toronto.) She finally got her citizenship this year and she lives in NJ- and every couple of months she drives 9-10 hours to see a Canadian doctor for her health screenings and meds. She is so happy about it. I am about to lose my job and my family and I will be on COBRA for a couple of months. Thank goodness Obama (ARRA) helped me with the difference for at least a couple of months or I wouldn't be able to afford it.

  2. This is a huge topic discussed to death in many places. I do not understand why people (other than health care co. VPs) argue against any improvement. If properly done, the overall costs should not exceed what we pay now if waste, overhead, marketing, and unnecessary procedures are controlled. I heard a great talk w/ the head of Kaiser who said just that a week ago or so. Kaiser is a very good system - a good model to follow toward reform.

    But, it is too large a topic for a comment, but I am w/ you totally, Fran.

  3. So we can put another 40 million people on health care and it won't cost anything more than what we are paying now?

    And the Tooth Fairy will be visiting you soon.

  4. The Tooth Fairy is alive and living in Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, japan and on and on and on.....

    It's about time the Fairy gets here also!

  5. Oh yeh, everyone will be able to keep their doc; but when we need a procedure, we will have to barter...
    In Mexico, kids are dying from treatable kidney diseases, I know a Mexican lady works with me. Her cousins have died, but her daughter was saved by Loyola University Medical. Not in Mexico.

  6. Sad commentary but consider this: If you have no insurance in the USA you can live right next to the hospital and not get the needed transplant or treatment. Mexico is a poor country by western world standards. Perhaps France or England is a better example.

  7. My father-in-law is in HR at a company with offices around the world.Can someone please tell me why the employees opt into the company heath insurace plan in the branch office in England if the general health care is so good?

  8. This discussion is not about health care. It is about more dependancy on a central governing authority. Now, the amerikan left has defined health care in the same manner as "highways", "utilities", etc. How sad. For those who like the health care in foreign lands, I suggest permanent residency in those places. (I almost spit out my Cheerios at the comment about "free health care"...........but I am hardly surprised that that is the sentiment of the Left.)