Monday, August 24, 2009

My Thoughts On Civil Discourse And Disagreement

Hello Again Readers,

It is a beautiful summer night. My saw burned out this morning so I spent much of the day locating another one that I could afford. As a result I am home late with my thoughts still spilling over from the long drive home.

This blogging is an interesting social thing. The intercommunication among social thinking minds seems to be accelerating the drift towards polarizations of the American mindset. Left and Right side constantly shifting with the Center. Prosperity through war? Prosperity through peace? ............"for the people by the people" comfortably becoming "for the rich by the people"..........Show me the Liberal Media sometime since Reagan ......Are the owners of the American Media in general, "compassionate conservatives"?

I dont really know any of them personally. My guess is that they are in it for the money. What I am saying here is that we Americans generally believe what we want to believe. Belief is the mothers milk of one's values.

In a true democracy those with one set of values respect the values of others who may be think very differently. My observations of humans over the past 50 years lead me conclude that as a species we fall into various different value subsets - both physically, intelligently, and emotionally. Most generally we are a combination of all three with one part being more dominate. The hunter/warrior instinct reaction to fear is a dominate factor in many people. The civil instinct generally arises from the domestic comfort of peace that is brought on by prosperity. Values and the civil discourse necessary to maintain that respect for the human right to life, are enabled by thoughtful discussion of issues that challenge our beliefs. We are at such a time now in our society.

It is encouraging that so many people are talking about the issues of our day - health care, global warming, war, economy and the like. It is going to take a lot of give and take to fix the problems that we all face. And that means talking and putting the shoe on the other foot for a minute. It will take harmony. Its almost like our whole society is on trial now and we are all the jury.

In my own little blog, and I mean my own blog, not my wife, Weng's blog (many of her beliefs are very different than mine though we share the same values) I have found evidence of this thing that is taking place now here in the USA. Admittedly it is mild milktoast compared with the venom that is spit out tens of millions of time a day over the net.

I have posted doings in my life and often my opinions on my blog for all most 100 days for all in the world to read. In that time I have read 100's of other's bloggings. I have posted music I like, photos I like, some things I don't like, my thought on issues of the day and how they may affect my children's future, a little of my history but generally not that many of you out there really know who I am. How many steps I take to go from my bedroom to the outhouse. How I love my family. .......
fact is, I enjoy the medium. I hope to do more than just bla, bla, bla.... I want to harmonize.

Which gets us to the core of this particular post:
It is my blog and this is my constitution:

Anarchists, all political parties come on in (leave your guns at the door) . Bigots, Racists, Nazis, wife beaters, dead beat parents, Fascists, and needle users will generally be ignored.

Feel free to disagree with my opinions but please respect me for having them. Be ready to factually support your argument.

Civil, constructive discussion is welcome when warranted.

The glass is half full.

Unless I let you know, please do not presume to know what I believe in, have opinions on or would rather keep close to my heart!! Guess all you like, make humor of it, I don't mind. Who among you knows where my table saw is right now? How much gas is in my car? How will I pay for the kids school supplies? How Weng and I look at each other when we are leaving for work or when we are fighting about nothing? Who among you knew that my kids call me 'pops'? Who I voted on and for and why?

Not so many of you. Your guess might be right. Or not. That is the beauty of my story. You dont know until you know. Our little family is a rare breed of nomads. Between Weng's blog and my blog you will get a sketch of our life and you can fill it in with colorful Ozzy & Harriet notions. That to me is success.

And lastly, I have a lot on my plate with 3 small school going children, a mortage, home repairs, and recovering from a nasty illness so please keep this in mind. I am as tolerant as any prudent man. Mean spirited comments are really not constructive for me (or society on the whole) and I really dont have time goof around with it. Such comments will be regarded as junk snailmail and will be tossed - blocked if a common respect can not be found. I am sure that all of my readers understand and agree with me.


ps... please remember that these are my feelings, not always Weng's or any one else I know.


  1. I have had the pleasure of reading your wife's blog and yours for a while. Both were found through Tioga George. I very much enjoy your thoughts and can tell you are a very "deep" thinker. My sister in law lives in Portland so I know how beautiful the place is. Keep up the good work!

    Caroline B

  2. Hi Francisco,

    I read you son Francis' blog too. Francis posted on August 18th about you and Weng not letting him use the computer to play games.

    Good for both of you! Computer games, in my opinion, are a pure waste of life!

    Su amigo,

  3. I have been enjoying your, and Weng's blog, very much, after hearing about them through Tioga George.

    Keep in mind that there are many toxic people in society; people who enjoy putting others, and their beliefs down. Unfortunately many of these people read blogs and feel it necessary to leave negative comments. You have to filter them out of your life, and retain the good and positive people. It is one thing to receive constructive criticism, but it is another to be the victim of their prejudices and hatred. These people should be ignored, and banned. I applaud you for the work you are doing both in Oregon and Mexico, in providing for your wife and family. It is refreshing to read of all your hard work, adventuresome spirit, and your dedication to your family.