Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making The Best Of A Day 'O Delays

Hello Again Readers,

Well...... today did not go at all as planned! Francis and I had hoped to attend a forum on Single Payer Health Care - one of the single most important issues of the day, but it was not to be. You see, we had listed several items for sale on Craigslist and waited all morning long for the wannabe buyers to show up. UGGGHHH!!! Finally, when it was too late, we received an email saying that they could not make it. This meant going down the list of other potential buyers, contacting them and making arrangement for pick up. The process went smoothly enough, now the question is, will they follow through? (I hope so as the furniture is loaded on the back of my truck and I need it tomorrow on the job to haul dirt). So, we made the best of it by having a little class for Francis and Thomas on how to use a jig saw and cut up some plywood into shapes for their projects. We used the back of the old electric Harley Davidson mini car as a table and they went at it!! Very important stuff! We are sorry that we did not make the forum but we will make it up soon. Every American really should take the time to examine the issue, try to see tru the smoke and mirrors (even the best of minds can be deceived), and ask themselves the 'oh so simple' question - why is the system so messed up? I for one do not believe in putting 3rd person profit between me and my doctor. Check out today's headline on the Sunday Oregon.........

it is time for The Edward Kennedy National Health Care Reform Act - write to President Obama and tell him to make it happen at:

working together we can make this a reality for all Americans. Why not?



  1. Do you think it's a good idea to politicize Kennedy's death? That might anger some moderates. I know you don't care if it angers conservatives but you really don't want the moderates annoyed do you?

  2. Which brings me to another question. I know you are a believer in the majority. The majority voted for Obama and so he won. Eight years ago the majority voted for Gore and he didn't win and the Dems claimed Bush was almost an illegal president. They still complain about it.

    That said, the majority does NOT want "The Edward Kennedy National Health Care Reform Act". If you look at the polls the people don't want the government to spend a trillion dollars when we are already in so much debt.

    Since the majority should rule wouldn't you agree that maybe they need to back off this incredibly expensive bill and craft something that isn't so expensive yet takes care of the 15 million that really can't afford health care.

    That is actually the amount of people that need the help. The vast majority of people have health insurance and are happy with what they have. Let's worry about lowering costs and covering those that really need it instead of a massive single payer that the majority doesn't want.