Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot And Slow Work And Global Warming

Hello again,

Yesterday was a hot and slow day on the job! Now that my health is improving Weng and I are trying to catch up. No easy task. The weatherman says that this week it will get really hot and dry here in Portland Oregon. Record breaking in fact. Well, Weng has been working on a monster hedge trimming job and we spent the entire day yesterday cleaning up the down piles of leaves and limbs. A must do job as this material is a nasty fire hazard in real hot times like this.

Global Warming. Record low river water, snow pack and lake water here in the Pacific NW. Fact or Fiction? Had a conversation the other day with a seemingly smart person who did not believe in global warming. So wierd. Do the math. Just for cars. Tailpipes. Lets see - you put in 10 gallons of gas into the tank. Maybe 100 pounds. Where does it go? Hmm.. turns into hot, dirty air and out the tailpipe. Right? Fact or Fiction? So, how many cars on the road everyday in the world? Do the math....... Ok, so how thick is the world's atmosphere? Not considering the radiant heat from the sun, just consider the heat delivered via convection..... via the tailpipe......

So much to think about. .... I wonder if the health insurance companies are telling us the truth also? I mean, how much can they make off of just a single policy over a lifetime? Hmmmm...... times how many policies?
Remember, the beast always defends his lair....

As always, comments welcome.....I'm off to the Doctor to check on my fungus (damn good thing I have health insurance this month.....)



  1. Most educated people will agree the earth warms and cools in cycles. We were on a warming cycle until about 11 years ago and since then we have been cooling. Remember quite a few states had record cold temps over the last winter.

    The problem we face is we only have temperature records over the last 100 or so years yet the earth is millions of years old. Scientist would tell you that you don't have enough data to make an educated decision as to what is really happening.

    The other thing we don't have is enough information to determine if warming or cooling is man caused or if it's not related.

    Even though Al Gore has said the discussion is over it's only over with people who have narrow minds or like Al, make tons of money from scaring people about global warming.

  2. Ah, hah!! Another skeptic! I dont recall ever making a dime discussing global warming. Let me make a valid, historically factual point - in the early 1940'2 the scientific community was crazy speculating about the nuclear bomb. Would it go off? If it did, what would happen? There were scientists at the top of their game who said it would never happen, not possible. There were those who thought that it would burn out the atmosphere and it should not even be tried! So, lets carry the notion forward 70 years or so to today and, strictly for purposes of academic argument, lets assume that those today believing that the actions of man are not NOT responsible for global warming are wrong and we do not take action to address the issue. What happens? What if global warming is the bomb and it DOES go off? What are the results?

    What I am saying is that it one thing to believe that atomic bombs are bogus - one bomb will not kill the planet. Slow planet death by strangulation and baking is certain if we do nothing. So, here is the kicker - since we can do something about man made pollution then why not error on the side of caution and just do something to fix the problem? Conversely we can take the easy way out, do nothing, and just believe (and pray) that we are in the midst of some sort of accelerated natural event.

    Finally, remember this - we in this country once believed that slavery was ok, that electricity was the work of the devil, that whale oil to light homes would last forever, that smoking did not hurt you, that lead in gasoline did no harm, that computers would never control our lives, that a loaf of bread would cost $3.50 (anyone else remember Nixon vowing that a loaf of bread would never cost $1.00), that de-regulation of utilities was a good thing, that we would never put a man on the moon or that the entire world would become communist? What I'm saying is that is is OK to change your midset to suit the evolving reality of giant smog clouds over much of asia, a cesspool of plastic as big as Texas in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or the runnoff of our farming topsoils into rivers and what it all means to the future of us all.

  3. Yin Yang,
    The world is in a strugle for balance. Just because it is hot in the pacific north west does not mean global warming. Last winter and the previous winter in Chicago was the coldest in 25 years. This June and July was the coldest in 135 years of record keeping. It has been in the low 50's on numerous nights. Only 3 days have been in the 90's. I have had to run the heat in the car to get the chill out in the morning, and put on a sweat shirt daily. Normal summers I would put the sweat shirts away for the summer. Not this year. We did not have to put the air on this year until June 24th. And only ran it this year a half dozen times durring the day. To me we are under global cooling. Fire up those coal fired furnaces and start heating things up.

  4. I'm trying to see where in my post that we should try to pollute and not do anything to lower emissions but I can't find it.

    You did what was expected of a Lib and assumed that just because I am not convinced that Al Gore is right that I must think it's not possible. See, that's where you made a wrong assumption.

    I don't know and I pointed out that neither do the scientists. They are still split on the issue.

    If you recall in the 70s we were told there was global cooling. Another Ice Age was coming. Just because we're 30 years further down the road doesn't make us foolproof now.

    I think we should all do what we can to help keep the planet clean. I think buying vehicles that don't pollute like old, 10 mpg motor homes is a good idea. Walk the walk if you're going to talk the talk. Or will you do whatever is most convenient for you?

  5. "I wonder if the health insurance companies are telling us the truth also? I mean, how much can they make off of just a single policy over a lifetime?"

    I wonder how much they make off a person who needs a heart replacement?

    Again you make an assumption. You think the insurance companies make money off of everyone yet it couldn't be further from the truth.

    They make off some and lose off some. It's called "actuarials" and all insurance is based on it.

    And what is it about making money that bothers you so much? John Kerry, your candidate in 2004 is married to a billionaire. Does that bother you?

  6. Hey, I can't pass up speakers either, amazing how many don't work that "work" :) (Weng)

  7. Love the feedback! It is interesting that there are those who assume to know what I believe in when they dont know me at all!! Case in point, I love the feel of my pocket full of hard earned cash and I would really love to win the lotto.... also, I admire loads of people out there who are stinking rich! Guess it's what you DO with the money that counts....Good to know that the one can change a belief when confronted with facts - the point being that it is a good thing to admit that one's perception was off, "to err is human". I enjoy the discourse of this forum but I would ask that petty remarks and assumptionsbe kept on your side of the keyboard!!


  8. 2 points (sort of already made) - 1) the temp changes being measured are world wide measurements and being cold in Miami or warm in Winnipeg on a particular year doesn't mean much. The changes measured are slight - like 1 deg. C in a decade at this point - but that is enough to melt ice caps if it continues. And they CAN go back centuries via tree rings, ice cores, etc., to get a pretty good record of temp and climate going waaaay back.
    2) scientists are NOT split on man made causes being part of the problem. Unless you consider a 97% (support warming) - 3% (denying warming). You can find a minority position for nearly anything - the world is flat - we never landed on the moon - slavery is OK - women are subordinate to men - etc. No amount of facts will sway a small number of people who will not give up their position.

  9. My dear Aticama. You also "assume" so don't act like you're pure as the driven snow. You assumed I didn't want to help keep the planet clean based on my comments about not believing the discussion is over. Not true so don't lecture me about making assumptions, buddy. :D

    SF Kid: Show your source if you're going to make a statement that 97% support man-caused global warming. Where did you get that figure?

  10. SF KID show your sources. I can speu fabricated figures too.

  11. A great eye opener can be found on Wikipedia under the title page 'Global Warming Controversy'. I read it. It takes a long time and it is dry and somewhat boring. Take a good look at the section on politics and funding. You be the judge. Which begs the question - what would motivate anyone to suggest that man made activities are changing our climate?

  12. yikes! here is the link:


  13. "Which begs the question - what would motivate anyone to suggest that man made activities are changing our climate?"

    Answer: Idealists who think man is bad for earth, scientists who depend on government funding -- despite Bush's stance on the subject, significantly more money went to fund global warming studies than other climate related projects, the British Prime Minister who needed to shot out the coal unions, environmental extremists who are opposed to any kind of progress that might have even a slight impact on nature.

    There is NO proof that additional carbon dioxide will result in higher global temperatures. Global warming caused by rising carbon dioxide is widely accepted as fact. However, it isn't even a hypothesis with factual physical evidence.

    Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. The earth's global temperature anomaly has been rising. Carbon dioxide concentration has been rising.

    However, correlation of similar trends does not prove causation.

    The wikipedia article on global warming is controlled by warming advocates. While wikipedia is supposed to be open for anyone to contribute to, inclusion of information contrary to the accepted global warming stance gets deleted.