Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home For The Weekend, Mostly

Hello Again Readers,

Well, today is Saturday and it is nice to sleep in a little. I have been hauling dirt by the pick up load to do a little leveling here at our place on the Bonny Slope. Unloading and spreading it is good exercise and is helping me to slowly regain my strength! Seems like there is always a little project or two to take a little time from the big project - the house.....
Sometimes I just hate to leave home and enter into the outside world, ever feel like that? Tomorrow my son Francis and I will attend a public forum on health care in the USA. The speaker is an incredibly intelligent Doctor with a half a century of experience in the field. He is a proponent of 'single payer' health care. The more I learn about it, the more I am convinced that it a good way to go! I have checked various sources, right and left of the spectrum and it keeps coming back to me - why is the USA, with the best facilities in the world, the most unaffordable system there is? Why is it that all of the other industrialised countries put health before profit? And, why does the the USA rank at the bottom (as in dead last) of life expectancy for those now over 60 years old living here?

Hey, I have been fooled before, and recently (like the snake oil scam the other night on the internet get rich seminar) but this is different - my young kids should have the right to be healthy as citizens of the richest country the world has ever known!!


ps. If you can find it, why not watch the movie 'Sicko'? (and ask yourself, "why is it so hard to find this movie?"). Im not suggesting you change your mind on the subject but I cant imagine why a person would not want to see both sides of the story......


  1. I know I won't change your mind on health care as you've completely fallen for the lie but at least I can help you with one thing. If you remove deaths due to accidents and murders then the story is very different about life expectancy. Of course the left won't tell you this because it would not help their cause. So check it for yourself.

    What that show is the US actually has the highest life expectancy if you remove deaths due to causes that aren't health related. How about that.

  2. Tell you what. I'll watch Sicko if you watch 2 hours of Glenn Beck.

  3. Ok Don, you are on! Not fair really as we often listen to Beck and Limbaugh during work for a good hoot! I am more than sure that we have logged in dozens of hours listening to both those guys. So, get a copy of 'Sicko', relax and enjoy - you dont have to agree and you might get a good laugh out of it! While I am not familiar with the blogspot referenced above a quick check of their facts shows only a fair track record of being correct on the issues, i.e., case in point, their 2007 prediction that the probability of the usa going into a recession was only 29%. Perhaps that is not fair in as much as the depth and length of the recession seems to have caught most everyone off guard. I did find the life expectancy article/charts interesting but they failed to mention if the statistics on other countries included their non health related causes of death also! The point being that one can always find statistics nowdays on the net to support one's beliefs. Not saying that your sources are incorrect by any means but I generally feel more comfortable when I can get both sides of the story.

  4. Heh, you got me. I've already watched Sicko. I've also seen all the stuff that disproves most of the lies.

    Don't pay any attention to the blogspot. Pay attention to the study they cited. Not biased at all. It's 2 University of Iowa researchers, not politicians. There are 2 columns. The raw column includes all deaths for all countries. The other column removes non-health related deaths for all countries.