Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good News

Good News:
I flipped on the tv this morning to catch the news and there was a special report on the release of the two media hostages held in N. Korea. In a world of insane global tension it is encouraging to see a little progress among nations.

I am happy to see that people are beginning to talk about health care reform. Seems like everyone now knows that there is a serious problem with the business model system that has been used since the Reagan Era. Health Care In This Country today is Fantastic!! The problem is just getting the treatment. This is a great country and once we really focus on this issue we can and will fix it. It is gonna take all kind of ideas. It will take opening some minds. I was reading an old 'Popular Mechanics' magazine and encountered an article on the debate to remove lead from gasoline in the 1970's. (I wanted to keep the lead in for selfish auto performance reasons). Now the argument seems like a no-brainer. The point being that we all evolve through what we believe in at the time. When new facts come to light we chose to believe them or not, or just take a wait and see attitude.

My health is much improved and I will soon be working full days (when the work is available, of course). The weather has been great!

Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the USA. The good news is that we cant go any lower!........groan....

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