Thursday, August 27, 2009

All Dressed Up In My Pink Aloha Shirt And Off With Weng To The Inet Rubber Chicken Dinner Enticement

Well Readers,

The title says it all! Weng & I decided to attend one of those free dinner/mp3 player events at the local Sheridan to see how the 'make a million bux at home' spiel would be barked.

Simple, fast and almost devoid of web sales statistics. The room of 150 folks broke down like this:

75% of all in attendance were 'ample' in girth.
65% were 65 and older.
50% were women (about 90% were attached or married)
95% were Caucasian.
99% were confused at least part of the time (myself included)

All walks of life were present.

Weng looked great in a lovely yellow summer dress and her red, red lipstick glowing off of her bronze face.
I wore my pink aloha shirt and silk trousers.

We absorbed the event, thought about the offering and decided to risk a small wad of dough to attend a 7 hour workshop. Expectations are low. People watching experience will be valuable.

Tonights dinner was a tasty plate with Turkey roll and potato salad, slice of kosher pickle and glass of water. Free gift was a el cheepo mp3 player.

All and all a great time had under the beautiful Oregon twilight.

Hope the free workshop meal has coffee....


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  1. Good luck. Keep us posted on how much money you make.