Monday, August 31, 2009

Marrying Weng - Getting Ready For Her Arrival

Hello Again Readers,

This is gonna be a long post but I hope to finish it sometime tonight!
Yikes! Small Delay!! Check back in a couple of hours......

Looks like I am needed on the homefront, so small change in timing - look for my posting tomorrow night....(although it may be done late in the am)

Back again. Lots going on just a week before school starts. So, how do I begin this part anyway? Lets see......

Weng & I were married. I guess I will have to do a 'flashback' a little later and tell you my side of the story of the big event.... I had run out of time and money and my bags were packed and we parted. That was hard. Watching my little bride on the big island getting smaller and smaller as I jetted east, back to what the residents of the 3rd call 'The Promised Land'. I was apprehensive. Having lived the island life for a month I watched the world sloooooowww down and my life seemed more 3 dimensional somehow. Now I was headed back again to The Madness, The Rush, The Clock and the Almighty Dollar. In no time at all my life re-compressed and it seemed that only the beauty of Oregon offered salvation. I was going crazy - Up at 5am, work pounding nails at 5:30/6am, eating lunch on the fly from a bag, starting the car at 2pm, starting hell job apartment rehabs at 2:30pm, starting the car at 6:30pm, delivering pizzas at 7pm, starting the car 20 to 30 times a night, home in bed, pizza in the belly at 11pm. Start again..Weekends were heaven, only pizza delivery at night.

Then things started getting a bit complicated, as any best laid plan may. I got a letter from the INS. (Immigration and Naturalization Service). I was POSITIVE I had filled out the paperwork correctly. Indeed I had. The problem was that, somehow, they sent Wengs paperwork to me instead of to her!! Rats. Calls, waiting on letters, (remember, no internet back then), Long distance calls, the paperwork going back into the system for a reload. Delays were on the horizon and my heart was breaking. I became listless. Work became even less thrilling. The saving beacon of it all was the house - get it done, make it right, let Weng choose the colors. I lived for the weekend. The money jar filled and filled. I began playing the music a lot louder in my car. Summer was winding down. No idea when Weng would arrive. Could be a year I was told.

Then, the night of the fateful flying pizza. A dark courtyard in a low budget apartment complex. The giant black flowerpot left by mistake on the unlit sidewalk by a gardener in the rainy night. Bam. The dreadful POP as my right knee hit the concrete. The apartment door opened at the noise and I stumbled in with the pizza totally trashed, just like my knee. Rats.

Shortly thereafter I am in a full leg sprint and the surgery has left my knee the size of a small cantaloupe. I have crutches. Ever try to pound nails on crutches? Drive a standard shift in a leg sprint? Worse than the total shut off of the income - THE ROOF. Soon it would begin Oregon raining. Windy, non stop raining. I watched from my tent as the inside of the house melted. I went to the INS. Please, is there anyway to get my Wife home a little sooner? No. Revisit. No. Rats.

Write letters. Nothing. Another appointment, the folks at the INS office were getting to know me. The office was so very, very emotionally confused. So many people there. All very nice and many wondered about my crutches and long face. Salvation was now in the a couple of times a week telephone conversation with Weng. I hobbled together (literally) a shack made of old doors and tin roof and wood stove and primitive plumbing. Friends would come from time to time and lend a hand and take me shopping for food. I hoarded every penny. I sent out money to Weng as often as I could....

One day, a friend called and we talked of times we spent ten years earlier in Portland, working hard for the No Nukes Movement. In 1984 Portland was a hotbed of activism and we did good on several big issues. It was at that time that I had a restaurant/nightclub. Every Sunday night I gave the place to the peaceniks and we raised money for good things, like sheltering battered women and their children and sending money to really, really, really poor people in Central America, and helping the bums get clothes and food and generally things like that. Well, a very important US Senator from Oregon was up for re-election. A decent, peace loving, war hating socially liberal Republican with a giant clout in the Senate - Chair of the Appropriations Committee (tricky job in the Reagan Years). It was a brutal election and Portland looked like it would determine the winner of the Oregon race. (It usually does). We flock of Liberals through our support behind the Republican who signed the checks for Reagans military buildup. His actions had always spoken louder than his words. That year The Great Communicator was re-elected with 'Morning In America' and Mondale flamed dry the last gasp of the presidential new deal. It was over and I no longer wanted any thing to do with politics. The Boomers stuck their heads in the sand and cocooned.

Ten years later the world was a different place. My friend Bill Hewitt took me to vote in the local elections in 1994, me on crutches. Shortly afterwards I thought "Why not call the Senators office and see if anything could be done to get Weng here?". The aid that answered remembered me. Politicians seldom ever forget a persons name. I talked. He said he would get back in touch. The next day I got a call. The Senator would do what he could. Time went by. I sent more letters. I received no letters. December arrived along with rotten weather. My leg brace came off. I was really missing Weng. Days blurred and I read a lot. I played a lot of guitar. The money was dripping surely away. Sometime during these dark days I got a call - The Senator had spoken with.... well, I am not sure what is aproate to say here... lets just say that the INS had a change of heart and the red tape had been replaced with words like URGENT and EXPEDITE. I was told to buy Weng a ticket putting her here sometime before Christmas. I got a early call soon after from the US Ambassador to the Philippines. Whoa.

Lots of phone calls to Weng. Crazy preparation. I did not have the heart to tell her that she would arrive to a totally broke, injured husband living in a clapboard shack.

(The news from the INS was not the only good news I received during this time but I will wait till later to tell you about that)

She would arrive on December 21, my birthday. The only available flight to be had so close to the holiday. The ticket and the money I sent for her and her mom to reach Manila and the Embassy emptied the bank. I sold everything of value I had the heart to sell. I ate government cheeze and often took meals with the same guys on the streets I had helped 10 years ago. Nothing but my hands and my heart for my new bride's Christmas present. Calls daily now as Weng adventured her way through the maze of Manila, her blog tells you what happened there. So very intense. She called to tell me she got in!! The snatched her from the line and made her a political princess and thrilled her with the good news! Then I get the call - she need $200 more dollars for some visa fee, and right away!!
My blood drained from my body. I didnt have it, and if I did, how to get it to the other side of the world so fast? No paypal back then. No ATM's in the Philippines. I called my pals. The money came fast. I pleaded at the bank to send a priority wire after hours. Somehow it happened. A total Blur. Shaky recollection and all nerves.

Time froze until she called. The ducks were in a row, a little change and time for the Philippine government to release her..... I knew she was airborn, alone, tiny, almost broke. First time alone in the Big World. Los Angles. I searched the Portland Sky as I arrived at PDX 5 hours early...

I felt I would surely die from it all.


Ps. In the late 1990's Weng and I happened upon the Senator, now retired, while walking through Portland. He remembered me and I introduced him to Weng. On the way home I told Weng that she had just met one of the truely great Statesmen of our times.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making The Best Of A Day 'O Delays

Hello Again Readers,

Well...... today did not go at all as planned! Francis and I had hoped to attend a forum on Single Payer Health Care - one of the single most important issues of the day, but it was not to be. You see, we had listed several items for sale on Craigslist and waited all morning long for the wannabe buyers to show up. UGGGHHH!!! Finally, when it was too late, we received an email saying that they could not make it. This meant going down the list of other potential buyers, contacting them and making arrangement for pick up. The process went smoothly enough, now the question is, will they follow through? (I hope so as the furniture is loaded on the back of my truck and I need it tomorrow on the job to haul dirt). So, we made the best of it by having a little class for Francis and Thomas on how to use a jig saw and cut up some plywood into shapes for their projects. We used the back of the old electric Harley Davidson mini car as a table and they went at it!! Very important stuff! We are sorry that we did not make the forum but we will make it up soon. Every American really should take the time to examine the issue, try to see tru the smoke and mirrors (even the best of minds can be deceived), and ask themselves the 'oh so simple' question - why is the system so messed up? I for one do not believe in putting 3rd person profit between me and my doctor. Check out today's headline on the Sunday Oregon.........

it is time for The Edward Kennedy National Health Care Reform Act - write to President Obama and tell him to make it happen at:

working together we can make this a reality for all Americans. Why not?


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Home For The Weekend, Mostly

Hello Again Readers,

Well, today is Saturday and it is nice to sleep in a little. I have been hauling dirt by the pick up load to do a little leveling here at our place on the Bonny Slope. Unloading and spreading it is good exercise and is helping me to slowly regain my strength! Seems like there is always a little project or two to take a little time from the big project - the house.....
Sometimes I just hate to leave home and enter into the outside world, ever feel like that? Tomorrow my son Francis and I will attend a public forum on health care in the USA. The speaker is an incredibly intelligent Doctor with a half a century of experience in the field. He is a proponent of 'single payer' health care. The more I learn about it, the more I am convinced that it a good way to go! I have checked various sources, right and left of the spectrum and it keeps coming back to me - why is the USA, with the best facilities in the world, the most unaffordable system there is? Why is it that all of the other industrialised countries put health before profit? And, why does the the USA rank at the bottom (as in dead last) of life expectancy for those now over 60 years old living here?

Hey, I have been fooled before, and recently (like the snake oil scam the other night on the internet get rich seminar) but this is different - my young kids should have the right to be healthy as citizens of the richest country the world has ever known!!


ps. If you can find it, why not watch the movie 'Sicko'? (and ask yourself, "why is it so hard to find this movie?"). Im not suggesting you change your mind on the subject but I cant imagine why a person would not want to see both sides of the story......

Thursday, August 27, 2009

All Dressed Up In My Pink Aloha Shirt And Off With Weng To The Inet Rubber Chicken Dinner Enticement

Well Readers,

The title says it all! Weng & I decided to attend one of those free dinner/mp3 player events at the local Sheridan to see how the 'make a million bux at home' spiel would be barked.

Simple, fast and almost devoid of web sales statistics. The room of 150 folks broke down like this:

75% of all in attendance were 'ample' in girth.
65% were 65 and older.
50% were women (about 90% were attached or married)
95% were Caucasian.
99% were confused at least part of the time (myself included)

All walks of life were present.

Weng looked great in a lovely yellow summer dress and her red, red lipstick glowing off of her bronze face.
I wore my pink aloha shirt and silk trousers.

We absorbed the event, thought about the offering and decided to risk a small wad of dough to attend a 7 hour workshop. Expectations are low. People watching experience will be valuable.

Tonights dinner was a tasty plate with Turkey roll and potato salad, slice of kosher pickle and glass of water. Free gift was a el cheepo mp3 player.

All and all a great time had under the beautiful Oregon twilight.

Hope the free workshop meal has coffee....


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Passing Of Senator Kennedy

It is a quiet early morning and I am thinking about Senator Edward Kennedy. A man with heart from a rapidly fading era. Little of us understand how much this one man has done for the good of us all.

Rest In Peace Senator.


Monday, August 24, 2009

My Thoughts On Civil Discourse And Disagreement

Hello Again Readers,

It is a beautiful summer night. My saw burned out this morning so I spent much of the day locating another one that I could afford. As a result I am home late with my thoughts still spilling over from the long drive home.

This blogging is an interesting social thing. The intercommunication among social thinking minds seems to be accelerating the drift towards polarizations of the American mindset. Left and Right side constantly shifting with the Center. Prosperity through war? Prosperity through peace? ............"for the people by the people" comfortably becoming "for the rich by the people"..........Show me the Liberal Media sometime since Reagan ......Are the owners of the American Media in general, "compassionate conservatives"?

I dont really know any of them personally. My guess is that they are in it for the money. What I am saying here is that we Americans generally believe what we want to believe. Belief is the mothers milk of one's values.

In a true democracy those with one set of values respect the values of others who may be think very differently. My observations of humans over the past 50 years lead me conclude that as a species we fall into various different value subsets - both physically, intelligently, and emotionally. Most generally we are a combination of all three with one part being more dominate. The hunter/warrior instinct reaction to fear is a dominate factor in many people. The civil instinct generally arises from the domestic comfort of peace that is brought on by prosperity. Values and the civil discourse necessary to maintain that respect for the human right to life, are enabled by thoughtful discussion of issues that challenge our beliefs. We are at such a time now in our society.

It is encouraging that so many people are talking about the issues of our day - health care, global warming, war, economy and the like. It is going to take a lot of give and take to fix the problems that we all face. And that means talking and putting the shoe on the other foot for a minute. It will take harmony. Its almost like our whole society is on trial now and we are all the jury.

In my own little blog, and I mean my own blog, not my wife, Weng's blog (many of her beliefs are very different than mine though we share the same values) I have found evidence of this thing that is taking place now here in the USA. Admittedly it is mild milktoast compared with the venom that is spit out tens of millions of time a day over the net.

I have posted doings in my life and often my opinions on my blog for all most 100 days for all in the world to read. In that time I have read 100's of other's bloggings. I have posted music I like, photos I like, some things I don't like, my thought on issues of the day and how they may affect my children's future, a little of my history but generally not that many of you out there really know who I am. How many steps I take to go from my bedroom to the outhouse. How I love my family. .......
fact is, I enjoy the medium. I hope to do more than just bla, bla, bla.... I want to harmonize.

Which gets us to the core of this particular post:
It is my blog and this is my constitution:

Anarchists, all political parties come on in (leave your guns at the door) . Bigots, Racists, Nazis, wife beaters, dead beat parents, Fascists, and needle users will generally be ignored.

Feel free to disagree with my opinions but please respect me for having them. Be ready to factually support your argument.

Civil, constructive discussion is welcome when warranted.

The glass is half full.

Unless I let you know, please do not presume to know what I believe in, have opinions on or would rather keep close to my heart!! Guess all you like, make humor of it, I don't mind. Who among you knows where my table saw is right now? How much gas is in my car? How will I pay for the kids school supplies? How Weng and I look at each other when we are leaving for work or when we are fighting about nothing? Who among you knew that my kids call me 'pops'? Who I voted on and for and why?

Not so many of you. Your guess might be right. Or not. That is the beauty of my story. You dont know until you know. Our little family is a rare breed of nomads. Between Weng's blog and my blog you will get a sketch of our life and you can fill it in with colorful Ozzy & Harriet notions. That to me is success.

And lastly, I have a lot on my plate with 3 small school going children, a mortage, home repairs, and recovering from a nasty illness so please keep this in mind. I am as tolerant as any prudent man. Mean spirited comments are really not constructive for me (or society on the whole) and I really dont have time goof around with it. Such comments will be regarded as junk snailmail and will be tossed - blocked if a common respect can not be found. I am sure that all of my readers understand and agree with me.


ps... please remember that these are my feelings, not always Weng's or any one else I know.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Defractalization Of Geometric Reality

Defractalization Of Geometric Reality - the reverse of Fractal Geometric Application. In other words, combining things that have been broken apart to make less and less. Thats what we are doing now here at home! Taking piles and piles of building materials, sorting them out, giving away parts, recycling parts and arriving at less piles of stuff!!

(In truth, I may have just made up the term and it may not mean a thing but it sure sounds cool!)


Thinking Of Mexico

Hello Again Readers,

Sometimes life in the USA can be stressful! So fast and so furious. Seems like there is never enough time. So here I sit, on our little composting toilet, thinking about a simpler life. It has taken more than a decade to build 'The Bird House' but worth it to us! Here are a few photos of some of the construction and of the road going up the hill. I have a lot of photos and, if you like, I will post more.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Wham Bam Doodle Of A Posting!

Hello Again Readers!

It is mid afternoon on another lovely Oregon day. The family is consuming a nice round little Hermiston Watermelon - sweet and cold and delicious. Im a bit groggy from a little siesta and considering the next project. This morning I built a nice heavy duty saw table to use in the house for the inside post & beam job. I think I will put it to use! Here is a photo of the lumber -cleaned and ready to install! Here is a photo of my fingerless work gloves - all oiled and ready to put my hands into!



Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Zen Of The Atomic Nomad's Mighty Mugwump

Hello again readers!

The other day I received a comment from a reader regarding the environmental effects of operating a classic motorhome. Well, I expect that right now is a good time to let it be known how we balance our day-to-day karma whilst on the road.

Let's start at the beginning. I am a motorhome person having purchased my first rig in 1973. When Weng and I first married we generally took an economy car on our road trips (excepting our honeymoon when we took an old Caddie). Later when the children arrived we began taking to the highway in classic old motorhomes. We have a tradition - just like the president of the usa having any aircraft he flies in being called air force one - any vehicle we travel in becomes 'The Mugwomp'.

Now, lets consider the facts surrounding environmental concerns:

We have been fortunate enough to have coaches that are upper end, well constructed, very low miles with decent maintaince. Most were bought by middle class americans in the 60's and 70's - cared for and taken out on national holidays. Most of the original owners have passed on now and most of these monsters have been trashed. However there are still a few around. Many have been converted to cabins. Others have really poor people living in them. The ones on the road today are technical jewels of the Atomic Age.

Transportation. I dont know anyone who drives a motorhome to work personally. I have met dozens of people living in them full time. All ages, all incomes. All sorts of places.

We all have a carbon footprint and a lot of it is hidden. Every month our little family is using power and consuming products that consume power. Im not sure what the equivalent gallons of gasoline it would take to power the average household in electricity, natural gas, delivery of water and the like but I do know that if you are not home and not using utilities then they dont cost a lot. If you are traveling in a vehicle that you are living in while you are not home in, then naturally home costs/carbon use offsets part of the fuel consumed in transportation.

Actual costs of transporting you and your stuff. This one is very interesting. Consider this -

You and your little family drive an economy car that gets 30 mpg. Total weight is maybe 2600 lbs. Doing the math that breaks down to using about 1 oz. of gasoline to move apx 650 lbs one mile.

Now you and your little family are getting 10 mpg but you are towing a car and your total moving weight is, say, 16,000 pounds. Doing the math that breaks down to to using about 1 oz. of gasoline to move apx 1,250 pounds the same mile. That is twice as efficient!!

Additionally when you are living in a motorhome you are not leaving a decent sized carbon footprint every night at a motel or eating as often in a restaurant. These things lead to additional offsets against your fuel use.

And there is more!! NO PEE STOPS WITH 3 SMALL CHILDREN!! Just think - children sleeping when tired in the bedroom. Hot coffee while driving. Home cooked meals whilst parked in some beautiful location. Ahab our trusty Rat Terrier travels fantastic and is a great guard dog. Not to mention hot showers, wi-fi, or the fact that the fuel used to move the motorhome also charges the batteries that run the lights, power the music machine, run the laptops and, of course, the movie screen - all long after the motor is shut off!!

Granted, using gas is still using gas and it is really part of the peril facing our planet today. I wish there was another way available but we dont abuse this gift of big time mobility. We tow our 1983 Toyota 4wd Station Wagon behind us to get around when we are docked somewhere. Fully loaded it gets 35 mpg.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hot And Slow Work And Global Warming

Hello again,

Yesterday was a hot and slow day on the job! Now that my health is improving Weng and I are trying to catch up. No easy task. The weatherman says that this week it will get really hot and dry here in Portland Oregon. Record breaking in fact. Well, Weng has been working on a monster hedge trimming job and we spent the entire day yesterday cleaning up the down piles of leaves and limbs. A must do job as this material is a nasty fire hazard in real hot times like this.

Global Warming. Record low river water, snow pack and lake water here in the Pacific NW. Fact or Fiction? Had a conversation the other day with a seemingly smart person who did not believe in global warming. So wierd. Do the math. Just for cars. Tailpipes. Lets see - you put in 10 gallons of gas into the tank. Maybe 100 pounds. Where does it go? Hmm.. turns into hot, dirty air and out the tailpipe. Right? Fact or Fiction? So, how many cars on the road everyday in the world? Do the math....... Ok, so how thick is the world's atmosphere? Not considering the radiant heat from the sun, just consider the heat delivered via convection..... via the tailpipe......

So much to think about. .... I wonder if the health insurance companies are telling us the truth also? I mean, how much can they make off of just a single policy over a lifetime? Hmmmm...... times how many policies?
Remember, the beast always defends his lair....

As always, comments welcome.....I'm off to the Doctor to check on my fungus (damn good thing I have health insurance this month.....)


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Morning

Yesterday was a long and busy day - getting to bed around 2am!! So, dispute the very best of intentions, we did not get out of bed until 11am!! Yikes and now I must collect all of my tools (which are all over the place from yesterdays construction) and all of our stuff which is also everywhere outside and put it inside before it rains again. Ever notice that the weatherman is not always right? The photo is of our bedroom in Aticama.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weng Makes A Video Of 'El Beasty' Motorhome Going Up Dirt Mexican Hillside

Hello Readers,

Busy Day Today! Moored the 'Space Pod' into her new dock in the woods and leveled out the Mighty Apollo in his new home. Looking Good. You may have noticed that Weng posts a lot more photos than I do. Thats because her camera has rechargeable batteries. Mine does not......The photo is me and my new little amigo at out place in Matanchen Bay.

I am gonna try and send a movie. Lets see now..... also, it may take a few minutes to download but its worth it!!


Defending The Stuff

Well, I read my wife, Weng's account of our stuff and felt compelled to reply. While it is true that, to the untrained or casual eye, a giant pile of 80 year old glass building blocks may seem like just a pile of stuff. But I see an artistic 3D timeless jewell. These blocks were the top of the line real mccoy in their day. They should last for thousands of years with very little care.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Fixing The Musty Troder

YIkes! Just a moment as I somehow managed to hit the snooze button more than once.... just a little to warm beneath the sheets I guess...

So, yesterday morning, on the way to work, I stopped at 'Big Ed's' Muffler repair. Up in the air went the truck. Rats! The entire pipe was toast to the muffler. A little on site negotiation, a little spanish conversation and, Whola!! The Musty Troder is re piped and on the road in 15 minutes at a cost of only $30.00!


Thanks guys


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Best Of Intentions

Hello again,

Well, the day went fast and with no problems. I picked up 14 pier blocks via craigslist on the way home. We will use them as deck supports. No time today yet to scan the papers on health care. It is important, and, every little bit of real factual information we can get is necessary to see what is really going on. Stay tuned!

Well, almost no problems. The exhaust pipe on the 'Musty Troder' is gonna have to be welded and that is money not in the budget. (Musty Troder is the name of my (reverse the letters....) Trusty Motor truck - a sorta homely little 1984 Mazda rice burner. She has been through a lot, and I'm not sure that she is reallllllllly ready to go back to work....


And Rain, And Rain, And More Rain....

Yikes! This is Oregon and we know rain!! Almost 1/2 inch in 18 hours. This will make work today very, very interesting.....


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"When The Rain Comes....."

Hello again everyone!

It has been a very busy time. I don't know where to begin. The Rain. After a couple of months without rain - around 4 this afternoon a gentle rain began falling here in Beautiful Portland Oregon. Warm summer night now and I am sleepy. We have been preparing the new site for Mr. Apollo (photo of actual rv above), and, if all goes well, sometime this week the move will be made. Across the Pond Dam and then tweaked in between the house and the studio. The idea then is to construct an enclosed passage between the Motor Coach and the House. I think I mentioned once that the house is old and in need of some pretty serious repair. The next little project in line is to pour a big hunking concrete pier through the living room floor. (Actually through the hole I cut in the floor). Let cure for 2 weeks and then jack up the center of the house with a pair of 20 ton hydraulic jacks on either side of a 16 foot long 4x10 old growth beam. Center nicely and then center set in a 12 foot tall 12x12 post between the new concrete pier and the beam. Craft in a couple of corboys and 'bobs your uncle'.

Tomorrow, if i have time I plan to scan a thought provoking paper I received today at a town hall meeting concerning health insurance reform. Actually a pretty civil event compared to what I hear is happening in other parts of the country. I am hopeful that this discourse is a good thing and not a polarizing thing, for surely this is the time to unite and work things out just as sure as it is not the time to become paralyzed and let this opportunity slip by. I encourage everyone to comment on it after you have taken the time to read it.

As summed up in the Pink Floyd song:

"And I, I have become.....
comfortably numb..."

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Justice Sonia Sotomayor

What an amazing thing - yea, America!! As a father to bi-racial children I applaud the American electorate's choice last year that allowed this important step forward as a true democracy.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Im Tired So Think Music

Hello Friends,

I'm tired. Take a listen to the new tune in my Think Music Box


Good News

Good News:
I flipped on the tv this morning to catch the news and there was a special report on the release of the two media hostages held in N. Korea. In a world of insane global tension it is encouraging to see a little progress among nations.

I am happy to see that people are beginning to talk about health care reform. Seems like everyone now knows that there is a serious problem with the business model system that has been used since the Reagan Era. Health Care In This Country today is Fantastic!! The problem is just getting the treatment. This is a great country and once we really focus on this issue we can and will fix it. It is gonna take all kind of ideas. It will take opening some minds. I was reading an old 'Popular Mechanics' magazine and encountered an article on the debate to remove lead from gasoline in the 1970's. (I wanted to keep the lead in for selfish auto performance reasons). Now the argument seems like a no-brainer. The point being that we all evolve through what we believe in at the time. When new facts come to light we chose to believe them or not, or just take a wait and see attitude.

My health is much improved and I will soon be working full days (when the work is available, of course). The weather has been great!

Oregon has the highest unemployment rate in the USA. The good news is that we cant go any lower!........groan....

thanks for reading


Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Need For National Health Care Reform

Being ill makes you think about health care! Why does the USA have the most unaffordable health care in the western world? I watched an interesting debate on television about the issue and the different sides of the issue were discussed. Canada has national health care. Mexico has national health care. (Our daughter Kawena was born there and we paid full cost for the entire birth - $120.00 us dollars . Our son Thomas was born in Oregon 3 years earlier - same care, same procedures - cost, $10,400.00 us dollars!!


You can find this nice little tv discussion at:

here is an interesting article from the ny times:

I would urge all of my readers to focus on this important issue and consider it from all sides!! What does it mean to you, do you have young children, is your income average, maybe most importantly - why is it cheaper to fly to Mexico to have dental work?

Thanks for reading.

ps. you will need to cut and paste the links as I am still learning how to to this feature!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Todays Chores

In short order I will be starting my day working here at home. In the cool of the morning I will do a couple of hours of work with my trusty Poulan Chainsaw- lots of clean up from cutting down the willow. Then, it is into the house. The roof in the living room/kitchen is sagging so I am going to install a new beam and support it with a post. Sounds easy! Hmm, first however, I will need to cut a hole in the floor also with my chainsaw, and pour a concrete footing pier. .... getting ahead of the game here.

Also, want to take a moment and thank those of you out there who occasionally leave a comment. I am a social creature with thick skin so diverse opinions are always appreciated. While I am not easily swayed logically I do enjoy wondering about the nature of the people who comment. For example, do you have a motorhome? Do you drive at all?
Why do you read blogs and what music is playing in your background?

I think about a lot of things while I am making concrete.