Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weng Is Off Watering On This Hot Day


today is supposed to be the hottest day in Portland's history!! I recall going through the previous 'hottest day..' back in 1981. Employed as a landscaper I was rolling 150lb rocks down a steep back yard located at a lovely home in a local place called Bull Mountain. I sweat buckets but worked the entire day!! 28 years ago. Today I will not work outside very much - there is a lot to do inside - we are remodeling the house!! This little house (or at least parts of it) have been here on this little slice of heaven since around 1860! Before that time this area was reportedly an Indian campground on the main trail from the Columbia River, over the (now) skyline road mountain range, and down to the Tualitin River. We sit in the palm of a little west facing valley with steep hills on 3 sides. This area has many springs and the house sits on a little peninsula surrounded by creeks on the north and south side. There are small ponds surrounding the home on all sides. Everything is wooded except a small garden area. The house itself is an 'American Rambler' -repaired countless times in its history. Because this is Oregon and it gets wet here, (and REALLY REALLY, REALLY wet in this particular location) we find that wood structures come apart pretty quick. This was a rain forest before civilization move in after all. This means constant maintaince. Well, we are taking the summer to change the outside siding and a few windows. It is slow work.

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