Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thoughts On Independance Day

At present, I am reading 'American Lion' - the biography of Andrew Jackson. I have read most of the biographys of the early presidents and wonder how they would view America 2009? How far have we advanced as a society in some ways and, more importantly, how far have we slipped back into the roots of our base needs as creatures on this planet? Tough one, huh? Besides the 'in your face 24 hour a day newscycle' what IS going, on behind the scenes, while most of us exhaust ourselves every day trying to maintain the status quo of only 3 years ago? I have several friends name George. One of them lives in the quiet country side of Boring, Oregon. (really a real name of a little town!) George is 80 years old and learned to fly fish from..., well, that is another story....., well, I was visiting recently with him while he was watering his bushes. A F-16

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