Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things Have Changed...Bob & Mitch

This posting goes out to everyone out there over 40 years old. The world we grew up in IS very different than todays world. It is time for us all to understand that the public and personal politics of the past no longer work and we must all be accountable for for what we have done and allowed to have done! What brings about this discourse on a lovely Sunday Morning? Only the Meet The Press talking heads - in this case Mitch McConnell dooming the importance of change. It is disheartening to hear someone so powerful cry bitter grapes when his actions over the last 10 years have done us all so much harm. Enter into my mind the words and song of Bob Dylan - 'Things Have Changed' ... I stuck it in the 'Think Music' Box and I urge you to take a listen, and listen between the lines.



  1. Which actions have done us so much harm? Spending 4 times what all other presidents before him combined? Oh wait, that was Obama.

    Here's an idea for you. When you make a statement like that you should think about backing it up with facts. Otherwise we can't take you seriously.

  2. Change is difficult for all and more difficult for those who choose to deceive themselves into thinking they have something to protect. Regarding the Bush Administrations spending, well, it is simple - "follow the money".

  3. I'm sorry but you can't get off that easy. How about addressing the issue of Obama's spending? How about actually answering my request and backing up your statement. "Follow the money" is a nifty catch phrase but it's a copout on your part.

  4. You are a rental manager for 50 homes. You decide to jack up the rent, do zero maintaince, rent to the most dubious and financially ir-responsible people you can find, let them totally trash the infastructure of your properties, fill them with toxic garbage, destroy your landscaping, duct tape the windows closed and then move out without any move in/clean up deposit to collect. AND all of the profit was pocketed by a few greedy individuals! Naturally, you and your management team get fired. The owner of the properties (in this case the people of the USA) are very upset and hire a new management team. It will take a fortune to repair the damage, deal with the downtime, find responsible renters and set up a transparent system of accounting. It will not happen overnight and it will not be cheap, but, unless you learn from the mistakes of the past you are doomed to repeat them. Let us be clear - the FACTS ARE NOT IN DISPUTE - at the close of the Clinton Administration we had an enormous budget surplus. Imagine what we could do with all that cash!! At the close of the Bush Administration we had a total economic meltdown. I stand by my statement "Follow The Money".

  5. On September 11th, 2001 this country was attacked by extremists. That was just one little part of what was to come. We also had the CRA that made banks lend to people who couldn't afford loans for houses. The Democrats did that. We also had Barney Frank saying Fannie and Freddie were solid. What happened?

    I'm not a Bush apologist as I think he did lot of stuff that wasn't great for this country but it wasn't just him. The Dems had their hands just as much in the dirt if not more so.

    If you truly think this country is going to be better after Obama get through with it I feel VERY SORRY for you. Either you like Socialism/Fascism or you just aren't paying attention. Which is it?

  6. Hello again Don.
    After considering your comments I have decided to stand by my assertions. I suggest you check the Congressional Record during the Bush years. An eye opener is to see who ran the house/senate sub-committies then cross reference those people with the money lobbies. The reading is long and tedious. Take a deep, deep read and see what you think. I thank you and welcome your opinion but I believe you do yourself a dis-service in your tendency to publicly assume what other people think and believe.

  7. Why do you think I'm assuming what you think or believe? Oh yeah, because of what you say. If you don't believe something then maybe you shouldn't say it and then I won't make assumptions based on your words.

    Or you can always ban me from your blog if my comments make you uncomfortable.

  8. And you really shouldn't try to fool anyone. You didn't "consider my comments". Oops! There I go again, assuming what you did.

    Let's be perfectly honest with each other. I don't like Obama and I think he's a Fascist. Therefore I believe anyone who likes him either believes in Fascism or else isn't paying attention.

    I don't dislike you at all. I like reading your wife's blog and hope that she doesn't turn it political but when someone does I believe they are fair game, so to speak.

    Since you seem to dislike Bush I can only assume(once again) that you do like Obama. I have asked you a question twice now and like every other Lib that I have asked you prefer to ignore it rather than answer it. I suspect you don't answer it because if you did then you would have to think what it means to have Obama spend more than all presidents before him combined in his first 6 months in office.

    So while you're considering my comments maybe you should consider answering why you think it's ok for Obama to spend like a drunken sailor after criticizing Bush for his spending. Obama has already spent 4 times what Bush spent in 8 years. Maybe you should FOLLOW THE MONEY.