Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off To The 80th Birthday Party Of Our Pal, George Egg, or, How I Managed To Lose $4.00 In A Birthday Poker Game

George Egg and I worked together for many years as carpenters. He call tell a joke - sorta like having your own personal Snuffy Smith around..... A long time fan of Neil Diamond and 'The Young & The Restless', George is loved by many people for his personality and utter good looks. He is also really lucky to be married to Susan - can you imagine 'Jorge Huveos' on a daily basis. Great food, a 40 person poker tournament (I beat out 29 other players and I have not played the game since George's 75th party!), loads of children and a wonderful collection of true, and caring friends.

If you follow my posts then I am sure that you would have enjoyed it as much as we did!


ps.... Check out 'Think Music' for my little Neil Diamond toast to George!

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