Monday, July 20, 2009

Marrying Weng. Part Two, Decisions, Decisions!

To many, the notion of pursuing a 'Mail Order Bride' sounds like a most romantic enterprise. Well, like most things in life, there is a bit of romance to be found in the undertaking but, generally speaking, I found it to be a lot of fun and hard work!! You are not sure if you are being flattered or led by the nose through the fields of long distance love. I set out to find a soul mate, a mother to my children, a fountain of affection and a companion in life's adventure. Not an easy task. It is a whole lot less challenging to simply go out to the local grocery store, library, corner pub or city park and start asking every woman you meet if they want to get married and get pregnant. Now, as I looked at the dozens and dozens of letters heaped upon my desk I began to question my sanity - all seemed sincere, willing and without exception all professed undying loyalty. Methodically I set up a rating system with the fine points of what I was looking for, all laid out. Remind me again, the perfectly imperfect wife.

1. Having Children. This is the the big one. The glue of a lifetime commitment. What kind of child to bring into the world? The attributes of intelligence, strength, humor, natural intuition, health and love were paramount in a mother. So, in no certain order:

2. A place in the world. Sounds simple but I figured (correctly as it turns out) that enduring love should not be tied to one's social standing. At the end of the day all is meaningless unless you are with the one you want to share your life with.  The only gold I had to offer was a Heart Of Gold.

3. The Smile. When a woman smiles at a baby then you get a chance to really, truly see their soul through their smile! Look good and you can see the smiles of the children you are planning.

4. The Spirit. Very Complex Consideration. So much makes us what we are. In my case I needed a wife with a 'thick skin' that can give as good as she gets. Politics enter the Spirit realm and influence judgement when we are too much a part of the mindset of the nation one lives in. How would a foreign wife react to the dizzy fast life here in America? What kind of perspective do I stand to gain by my mate's exposure to the land of plenty vs. the land of just barely surviving?

5. Material Possessions: I Promise to always provide love, food, shelter, health and education. Everything else is optional. This is a dealbreaker.

6. Someone to listen to, to learn from; not afraid of opinion and aware enough to know when she is right and wrong.

7. Mother: The children are Number One. Willing to have up to 3 kids.

YIKES!! OUT OF TIME.... look for Part Two, Decisions, Decisions soon...


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