Monday, July 27, 2009

Marring Weng. Part Three, The Hot Days Of Summer


Today is a sad day here in the Kohler household. Weng's grandfather died in the Philippines last night. It was he that decided, as the number one most important guy in the family, that Weng and I would be married on June the 11th. He was a fisherman and was aware of the rhythms of the sea and the air on the islands - he knew when the best time was! We met when I arrived, over burdened with luggage and gifts, in the (at the time) small village of Cugman Zone Two. Just south of Cagayan De Oro in the southern Philippines. The entire neighborhood was there! Streets lined with people and signs, all leading to Weng's Parents House. It was a sorta combination stick/bamboo/tin home with wall of paper and doors of palm mat and wood. I had to duck everywhere as the door frames are so short. On the front of the house was a sign that welcomed me to the home and to the country!

Mo to come later soon!


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