Monday, July 13, 2009

Marrying Weng. Part One, The Mysterious Arrival Of The Catalog Of Love

I was married when I was quite young for a couple of years to a woman named Terry Lynn - the 10th of 11 backwoods Kentucky children. In those days I lived in a place called Xenia, located in SE Ohio. A small prejudiced town filled up with narrow, small minded corn farmers and USAF freaks. Trouble was - never realized how closed minded the area was until I left home. A Tornado, of all things, brought about the end of the marriage and I spent the next 20 years or so declaring to myself and to the rest of the world that I would never remarry, let alone have children! I was a successful business man, well liked by the community, well traveled, drove a 1954 Triumph TR2 and led the life of Riley.... Happy and enjoying my life as well as most and better even than some .....

WELL......wilst on a Mexican Pyramid Junket in the late 80's I had another life altering event, but I'll speak of that another time. Suffice it to say that I became a Man On A Mission - to find a wife, have children and retire a happy and content old fool. Trouble was, well, I found myself being almost 40 years old!! Never a quitter, I launched into the dating scene, pursuing my dreams from the arms of one 'almost right' woman to another. I lived in a house of bachelors called the Lost Boys Club. I was doing all of the right things, I just was not finding the right woman who wanted to have children, live a slightly mad nomadic life, had her head and heart on straight, and most importantly, love me for me. Not for who I was, and not for what I might become. When it seemed as though things would never look my way, I returned home one night to find, there, unsolicited, in my mail box, a CATALOG OF WOMEN FROM AROUND THE WORLD WHO WERE JUST DYING TO MEET GUYS LIKE ME!! To this day I still have no clue how this came to be. I opened it up to find little thumbnail size photos of hundreds of alluring wanna be brides. Every nationality and color. Best of all, for only $20.00 they would send me the addresses of each and every one of them!! Yahoo!! I though to myself, "hey, I dropping lots of money every week on dates and getting nowhere, why not try this?" So I signed up and paid for a 4 month subscription and paid in advance. Now, for those of you who remember, this was a time before the internet, when it cost a lot of money to communicate with other parts of the world, postage wise; not to mention the 'lag time' of letters coming and going from place to place. So, I devised this plan - I fired up my old, very old, Commodore Computer and crafted up a serious letter of introduction, letting these candidates know who I was, what my dreams were and what I could offer. I sent out 40 letters the first month, 80 the second and so on...... soon the replies began poring in! Seems the attraction of living in the USA was just as stong (or more) than the attraction of who I was. No big surprise there. What was a surprise was this - I noticed that I received more letters from the Philippines than I sent!!! Seems mail order bride is BIG business there and the women who recieved the letters then shared them with their available pals. I did the research and found that the 10th largest source of income of the Philippine GNP was Filipinas sending back home to the motherland. Whoa I thought, this sword cuts both ways!! But the more I found out about the women from this island nation the more intrigued I became. Great family values. Everyone speaks english. Dedicated spouses. So I narrowed the search. Yikes! Turns out about half were 'gold diggers'. I set up a 12 point rating system and kept to it. I kept charts and wrote letters until I was stupid with anticipation.

Then, opening up the 3rd catalog, there, right in the center of the first page, was Wengs photo.....

Stay tuned for part two.


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  1. Man-O-Man!! I am loving this story about you and Weng!

    Su amigo,