Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judge Sotomayor

It is an amazing time we live in! Yesterday I watched part of the senate confirmation hearings of Judge Sotomayor. I was amazed at the slick nastiness the republicans threw at her - all designed to cut her off at the knees before the populace via the media. Lets hope the people of the United States dont buy their crap. We need a woman like this to offer some balance in our highest court!



  1. Yes, politics. It is quite a show isn't it? And think what it costs us all. Senator's time, their staff time, the hearing room staff time and maintenance, not to mention the media in all its forms. All so a few folks can grandstand on TV to their particular little voter base. Echhh. And at this point it won't change a thing. She is IN!

  2. So I take it that you also think a Latina woman will make better judgments than a white man?

    Do you not think this is also racist and sexist?

  3. hello again and thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read my musings. I would like to respond to Don's comments. Perhaps I was not as clear as I could be - it was never my intention to suggest that a latina, a jew, a catholic, a gay, a redneck, a construction worker, or hamburger flipper is capable of making better judgments than anyone else. I should amend my comments to include my belief that, in the case of a judge, someone should be selected on based on the merits of their RECORD. I think it is patenly unfair to single out, in questioning to anyone, over and over, comments based on partial readings of speaches, many of which were intended to be INSPIRATIONAL directed at minorities (who often carry a disporportional financial and eductional burden) who are looking to the future. In the case of Judge Sotomeyer, there is a record of THOUSANDS OF CASES with no dispute at all! Common curtesy should prevail when a person repeat, over and over, the same answer to the same questions!! I say, judge the Judge by her record and get away from the poision that is serves only to polarize this great country - remember, the easiest wsy to take over a country is to divide and conquer.

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  5. In case you didn't notice calling a Latina woman better at judging is the statement that's poison. I could care less about her sex or race as long as she was fair but it's quite clear she isn't.

    Edit: Had to edit the post above and didn't see an edit link. I just fixed my grammar.