Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Financial Reality Of Our Life. or, How Weng Stepped Up To The Plate

Hello Again All. It is a beautiful day here in Oregon. Weng is off shopping and I am at home working around the place. Seems there is so much to do! With any luck (and possibly some help from a few friends soon) I will be able to fix the rotten parts of the house over the next several weeks in my spare time. I am self-employed as a Handy Man so I have had access, over the last several years, to some decent salvage building material to use on the home repair. This is good because, mainly for recent health issues, I have not been able to make enough money to support the family for several months and getting by has been a challenge. Fortunately several of our friends, knowing that Weng loves to garden, have given her work and this has helped close the gap. This feels strange to me though because this is the first time in our 15 years together that I have not made enough money to provide for us. When we married I promised Weng that she could be a stay at home mother, provided we live a modest life. Recently we tried to sell our old Benz but the buyer opted out and we have not yet found someone else who needs (or wants) it. On the flip side of that misfortune however comes the good news that PEOPLE REALLY LIKE HER BLOG!! Thanks to all of you who have become followers of her/our story!


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