Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Devil and Ms. Precious

Ms. Precious lives by herself in North Portland. She is 92 years young and is as clear eyed and mentally sharp as anyone half her age!! Well, a couple of days ago, on Friday, I got a call from her neighbor Pete. Seems Ms. Precious bought a new washer and dryer from a local dealer. The units were delivered but the company did not install a dryer vent. That is where I entered the picture. I took a look, told her that I had to buy a few parts. It was my day with Kawena May so, off we went to the local Home Depot and bought the things we needed. Kawena loves to go shopping with me - we always look at the garden department and the painting department. (she got a paint chip of the new Princess bedroom colors). Anyway, soon we were back at Ms Precious's home where I got out Mr. Trusty Sawsall, cut a hole in the house and made the job right without problem! When it came time to settle up we went into the living room where Ms. Precious curled up on her old sofa and told us about her daily early morning meeting with The Devil. This wonderful tiny, tiny woman let us know, matter of factly, how daily they talked about the gift of life before she got out of bed; and that this daily visit was how she knew she was still alive - cause she knew that when the Devil no longer came to her bedside, her time in her earthly garden was over.

I knew she is on a really fixed income so I charged her only for the cost of the materials ($12) feeling more than paid for my work by her sharing her lovely and simple philosophy of life with us. Proof positive that riches are in knowing why your pocket is empty.


Ms. Precious and Kawena May.

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  1. beautiful story of the simple things that come our way, and if we are greedy, they do not really help us grow, but in being humble, and honest, and sincere, we are given the gift of growth and appreciation!