Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day At Haystack Rock Along The Oregon Coast

Hello From The Lovely Oregon Coast!

It is mid-Friday morning here in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The seas are at minus 1.5 feet below low tide and there is a lot of people out checking out the things you usually cannot see around Haystack Rock. It is cloudy and a bit cool (about 65deg. I think) but inviting. I have walked along the beach several miles since we arrived at our friend's rustic beach house along the low ocean bluffs. The cottage was built in 1934 and has a bewitching history!! A true story of a father's unconditional love and understanding for a daughter - a daughter who's love did not fit the times she lived in. Built by members of the family and a few others in the hard days of the depression. I feel their ghosts in the foot trails worn into the old fir floors. The place is feminine like a girl wearing a red plaid shirt working in the summer garden. It vibrates easy like the waves. This wonderful old home has inspired both Weng and I. We have decided to incorporate many of the 'simpler time' features in our own little home outside of Portland.


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