Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th Of July And The Zero Defect Man

It is now nearly 9pm on the 4th of July, 2009. All around I hear the sound of fircrackers and the like and I wonder where the idea of blowing up stuff for fun came from. I remember loads of great times on this day and I cannot recall a bad time on this day. I know that this country, indeed the power to write on the internet, came from the Ideas of a group of inspired men. (and no doubt their female counterparts). I know also this freedom was the result of a military inspired by the same Idea. For the longest time, in fact until the nuclear attack on japan that ended ww2, the military was a vital and necessary part of maintaining the freedom our parents and masters of 'the greatest generation'. My father was on the tale end of that generation, and, in his own way, a product of it. He was a secret Navy Man in Korea and did things he would never talk about to me and I suspect anyone else. He watched the 50's become the 60's and what the world military became as a result of the 'tension of endless war'. During these year s he found himself serving the nation as a very strange part of the Air Force - a Zero Defect Man. Not too much is known about these people. Their job was to inspect the nukes attached to the 'always in the air' B-52's. Un-nerving to say the least. I have, to this day, remembrances of him lying on the living room floor, sleeping and sweating and talking fearsome talk, so consumed that he barely noticed the 5 children and wife living under his roof. I could not get him to tell me why we needed a fleet of subs and ships and tanks and stuff. Maybe he knew, maybe not. I do know that it takes about $8,000 an hour to fuel just one jet fighter plane for a regular practice run. I wonder weither the money is well spent when I see the poverty, our children's wasted promise of tomorrow, the dreams of our parents and the killing of the planet we share, be consumed at this 'never stop flying/submarining at any cost for the last 65 years mindset. To really change this government, we have to change the way we look and think about the world around us.


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  1. Excellent observations. It is true that we live in a great country that leads the world in so many things and ideas and charity. However, there is always room for improvement - MUCH improvement. That is something we must remember on these celebratory days, too.

    Good writing. Keep it up!