Friday, July 31, 2009

Thinking About Weng

Hello again world,

It is a beautiful warm summer's eve... Weng is off visiting a friend. I miss her.


Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Message To My Readers

When Jorge (of Ms Tioga fame) suggested to us at the turn of this last year that we start a blog, well, we did not know what to think! Events beyond my control gave me a little time to give the blog thing a shot and I did. As the summer moves along I find that I am getting behind on the projects here so time is getting precious. If you dont see a post or the odd photo for a day or so, well, dont worry. I really do appreciate you guys reading about our little family. I expect a lot of my future blogs will be about work around the place and the weather. So much in life is involved in having a real true adventure, however, little is spoken about the work, time, and energy that goes into making the adventure happen! I am attaching a photo of the type of classic motorhome we will set forth in on this years grand road trip. She is a 1968 Travco - 26 running feet of prime Atomic Age Styling - sleek and air-o-dynamic in a fashion that pierces the air while moving!! Kawena has named her 'The Beauty'. Vintage Detroit Dodge Drivetrain. 318 v-8. Smooth. Economical.

You know, when Weng first arrived in the USA she wanted a really big car. Not important the year and no more than $1,000 . We settled on a really nice condition 1975 Caddy. Fleetwood Brougham with gangster rear window and champagne pink paint. 500 cubic inch engine! Got 6 miles to the gallon and weighed 2.5 tons.

The beauty weighs, loaded, 8 tons, has a kitchen, bath, dining and sleeping quarters, 120v. and gets 10 miles to the gallon. WE HAVE GOTTEN SMARTER!!

Thanks for checking back in.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Weng Is Off Watering On This Hot Day


today is supposed to be the hottest day in Portland's history!! I recall going through the previous 'hottest day..' back in 1981. Employed as a landscaper I was rolling 150lb rocks down a steep back yard located at a lovely home in a local place called Bull Mountain. I sweat buckets but worked the entire day!! 28 years ago. Today I will not work outside very much - there is a lot to do inside - we are remodeling the house!! This little house (or at least parts of it) have been here on this little slice of heaven since around 1860! Before that time this area was reportedly an Indian campground on the main trail from the Columbia River, over the (now) skyline road mountain range, and down to the Tualitin River. We sit in the palm of a little west facing valley with steep hills on 3 sides. This area has many springs and the house sits on a little peninsula surrounded by creeks on the north and south side. There are small ponds surrounding the home on all sides. Everything is wooded except a small garden area. The house itself is an 'American Rambler' -repaired countless times in its history. Because this is Oregon and it gets wet here, (and REALLY REALLY, REALLY wet in this particular location) we find that wood structures come apart pretty quick. This was a rain forest before civilization move in after all. This means constant maintaince. Well, we are taking the summer to change the outside siding and a few windows. It is slow work.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Record Breaking Hot Weather In Portland Oregon

I enjoy hot weather, dont get me wrong! I am not so sure that the environment here in Western Oregon enjoys it so much though.....At 106deg. everything is just dragging.... yesterday we filled up the old hot tub and, whola!, instant soaking pool!! Weng and the kids persuaded me to get in (i do not like cold water, hot day or not..) and I did!! And I enjoyed it!!

What great adventure lies next?


Monday, July 27, 2009

Marring Weng. Part Three, The Hot Days Of Summer


Today is a sad day here in the Kohler household. Weng's grandfather died in the Philippines last night. It was he that decided, as the number one most important guy in the family, that Weng and I would be married on June the 11th. He was a fisherman and was aware of the rhythms of the sea and the air on the islands - he knew when the best time was! We met when I arrived, over burdened with luggage and gifts, in the (at the time) small village of Cugman Zone Two. Just south of Cagayan De Oro in the southern Philippines. The entire neighborhood was there! Streets lined with people and signs, all leading to Weng's Parents House. It was a sorta combination stick/bamboo/tin home with wall of paper and doors of palm mat and wood. I had to duck everywhere as the door frames are so short. On the front of the house was a sign that welcomed me to the home and to the country!

Mo to come later soon!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Marilyn Monroe Explains The Theory Of Relativity

A little treat for all of our movie lovers:

from the movie 'Insignificance'


More Photos From The Coast

just a few more photos from a fun day at the beach!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Marrying Weng. Footnotes

Just back from two, lovely and relaxing days at the Oregon Coast. Reminds me of the more innocent, slower paced world of only 15 years ago when Weng and I married!! Back then I had no Internet, cell phone, ATM card, most items were not scanned in the store, no digital cameras, flat screen tv's, talking GPS, virtual worlds, kids hooked on computer games, ipods, and Walmart sold only stuff made in the USA!!!

A different world. Back in this one you can find my posting later today, along with digital photos, of our little family's outing to the Beach. Thanks, all of you readers and hope you have been doing well the last couple of days.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day At Haystack Rock Along The Oregon Coast

Hello From The Lovely Oregon Coast!

It is mid-Friday morning here in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The seas are at minus 1.5 feet below low tide and there is a lot of people out checking out the things you usually cannot see around Haystack Rock. It is cloudy and a bit cool (about 65deg. I think) but inviting. I have walked along the beach several miles since we arrived at our friend's rustic beach house along the low ocean bluffs. The cottage was built in 1934 and has a bewitching history!! A true story of a father's unconditional love and understanding for a daughter - a daughter who's love did not fit the times she lived in. Built by members of the family and a few others in the hard days of the depression. I feel their ghosts in the foot trails worn into the old fir floors. The place is feminine like a girl wearing a red plaid shirt working in the summer garden. It vibrates easy like the waves. This wonderful old home has inspired both Weng and I. We have decided to incorporate many of the 'simpler time' features in our own little home outside of Portland.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Earning A Buck

Good Morning All! The weather has been hot and dry here in Oregon. There has been precious little time to attend to my blog. I am not really satisfied with this weeks installment of Marring Weng - I re-read it and I was tired when I wrote it and it shows! We are off to the Oregon Coast tomorrow to visit friends and hope to have a little quiet time to write more of my favorite adventure. Off to work.


Monday, July 20, 2009

See 2 Posts Below For The Next Installment Of Marrying Weng


still figuring out this blog thing....scroll down to see todays
Weng feature!

Monday Breaking News - A Surpise PhoneCall

So, I'm standing at the ProDesk at my Home Depot and the cell phone goes off in my pocket. Can you believe it? It is Jorge (George of Ms. Tioga Fame) giving me a shout from the stormy skys of Huston, Texas! He had a moment before liftoff so he thought he would inquire as to when we plan on returning to our place in Mexico. A nice place to winter in an RV on the beach!! Jorge sounded great and his voice brought back the sound of the ocean so far away.


Heart Of Gold......

Today is Monday and it is another beautiful day. Off to work in a few minutes so there is not enough time to finish my Monday Marrying Weng Adventure. Here is a little musical jewel for you to take a listen to whilst waiting until this evening when I return. Neil Young at his best, circa 1971, the year I graduated from high school, impressionable and open to the world! Find this fine tune in my 'Think Music' box.


Marrying Weng. Part Two, Decisions, Decisions!

To many, the notion of pursuing a 'Mail Order Bride' sounds like a most romantic enterprise. Well, like most things in life, there is a bit of romance to be found in the undertaking but, generally speaking, I found it to be a lot of fun and hard work!! You are not sure if you are being flattered or led by the nose through the fields of long distance love. I set out to find a soul mate, a mother to my children, a fountain of affection and a companion in life's adventure. Not an easy task. It is a whole lot less challenging to simply go out to the local grocery store, library, corner pub or city park and start asking every woman you meet if they want to get married and get pregnant. Now, as I looked at the dozens and dozens of letters heaped upon my desk I began to question my sanity - all seemed sincere, willing and without exception all professed undying loyalty. Methodically I set up a rating system with the fine points of what I was looking for, all laid out. Remind me again, the perfectly imperfect wife.

1. Having Children. This is the the big one. The glue of a lifetime commitment. What kind of child to bring into the world? The attributes of intelligence, strength, humor, natural intuition, health and love were paramount in a mother. So, in no certain order:

2. A place in the world. Sounds simple but I figured (correctly as it turns out) that enduring love should not be tied to one's social standing. At the end of the day all is meaningless unless you are with the one you want to share your life with.  The only gold I had to offer was a Heart Of Gold.

3. The Smile. When a woman smiles at a baby then you get a chance to really, truly see their soul through their smile! Look good and you can see the smiles of the children you are planning.

4. The Spirit. Very Complex Consideration. So much makes us what we are. In my case I needed a wife with a 'thick skin' that can give as good as she gets. Politics enter the Spirit realm and influence judgement when we are too much a part of the mindset of the nation one lives in. How would a foreign wife react to the dizzy fast life here in America? What kind of perspective do I stand to gain by my mate's exposure to the land of plenty vs. the land of just barely surviving?

5. Material Possessions: I Promise to always provide love, food, shelter, health and education. Everything else is optional. This is a dealbreaker.

6. Someone to listen to, to learn from; not afraid of opinion and aware enough to know when she is right and wrong.

7. Mother: The children are Number One. Willing to have up to 3 kids.

YIKES!! OUT OF TIME.... look for Part Two, Decisions, Decisions soon...


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things Have Changed...Bob & Mitch

This posting goes out to everyone out there over 40 years old. The world we grew up in IS very different than todays world. It is time for us all to understand that the public and personal politics of the past no longer work and we must all be accountable for for what we have done and allowed to have done! What brings about this discourse on a lovely Sunday Morning? Only the Meet The Press talking heads - in this case Mitch McConnell dooming the importance of change. It is disheartening to hear someone so powerful cry bitter grapes when his actions over the last 10 years have done us all so much harm. Enter into my mind the words and song of Bob Dylan - 'Things Have Changed' ... I stuck it in the 'Think Music' Box and I urge you to take a listen, and listen between the lines.


The Devil and Ms. Precious

Ms. Precious lives by herself in North Portland. She is 92 years young and is as clear eyed and mentally sharp as anyone half her age!! Well, a couple of days ago, on Friday, I got a call from her neighbor Pete. Seems Ms. Precious bought a new washer and dryer from a local dealer. The units were delivered but the company did not install a dryer vent. That is where I entered the picture. I took a look, told her that I had to buy a few parts. It was my day with Kawena May so, off we went to the local Home Depot and bought the things we needed. Kawena loves to go shopping with me - we always look at the garden department and the painting department. (she got a paint chip of the new Princess bedroom colors). Anyway, soon we were back at Ms Precious's home where I got out Mr. Trusty Sawsall, cut a hole in the house and made the job right without problem! When it came time to settle up we went into the living room where Ms. Precious curled up on her old sofa and told us about her daily early morning meeting with The Devil. This wonderful tiny, tiny woman let us know, matter of factly, how daily they talked about the gift of life before she got out of bed; and that this daily visit was how she knew she was still alive - cause she knew that when the Devil no longer came to her bedside, her time in her earthly garden was over.

I knew she is on a really fixed income so I charged her only for the cost of the materials ($12) feeling more than paid for my work by her sharing her lovely and simple philosophy of life with us. Proof positive that riches are in knowing why your pocket is empty.


Ms. Precious and Kawena May.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Beautiful Morning

Hello world! It is 6:30 am here in Oregon. Wengs garden is growing, the kids are growing and the smell of sauteed onions is filling the air! Today we will get the scaffolding to assemble on top of the house to begin removing the willow tree..... now, this is a big project... photos later today.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Importance Of Judical Politics

Not everyone is political and that is the way it is. Those who are political have made things the way they are. And we all live on the same ground and breath the same air. The reason today's Supreme Court nominations are important to me is because we have young children. Today's actions will affect the world that is evolving and that they will live in. In her post yesterday Weng talks about us meeting face to face for the first time. That meeting was possible (when talking about legally marrying a person of another color) only because of the actions the Supreme Court took when I was in high school. As a society we have come a very long way during the course of my life and I am grateful. Yet please understand that, while I was born a white male in this country, I think that it is, somehow wrong at the core of all things, for a group of mostly old white men to stand in judgment of the workings of all races, genders, religions and personal freedoms in this country. Wouldn't it be great, when I am 100 years old, to look at the Supreme Court and see it a mirror of us all and of all of our values? The world looks to the USA for example. Let us make the best of this opportunity.

I don't get on my stump all that often but I believe it is necessary from time to time to provide balance and peace of mind for me.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Judge Sotomayor

It is an amazing time we live in! Yesterday I watched part of the senate confirmation hearings of Judge Sotomayor. I was amazed at the slick nastiness the republicans threw at her - all designed to cut her off at the knees before the populace via the media. Lets hope the people of the United States dont buy their crap. We need a woman like this to offer some balance in our highest court!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Financial Reality Of Our Life. or, How Weng Stepped Up To The Plate

Hello Again All. It is a beautiful day here in Oregon. Weng is off shopping and I am at home working around the place. Seems there is so much to do! With any luck (and possibly some help from a few friends soon) I will be able to fix the rotten parts of the house over the next several weeks in my spare time. I am self-employed as a Handy Man so I have had access, over the last several years, to some decent salvage building material to use on the home repair. This is good because, mainly for recent health issues, I have not been able to make enough money to support the family for several months and getting by has been a challenge. Fortunately several of our friends, knowing that Weng loves to garden, have given her work and this has helped close the gap. This feels strange to me though because this is the first time in our 15 years together that I have not made enough money to provide for us. When we married I promised Weng that she could be a stay at home mother, provided we live a modest life. Recently we tried to sell our old Benz but the buyer opted out and we have not yet found someone else who needs (or wants) it. On the flip side of that misfortune however comes the good news that PEOPLE REALLY LIKE HER BLOG!! Thanks to all of you who have become followers of her/our story!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Marrying Weng. Part One, The Mysterious Arrival Of The Catalog Of Love

I was married when I was quite young for a couple of years to a woman named Terry Lynn - the 10th of 11 backwoods Kentucky children. In those days I lived in a place called Xenia, located in SE Ohio. A small prejudiced town filled up with narrow, small minded corn farmers and USAF freaks. Trouble was - never realized how closed minded the area was until I left home. A Tornado, of all things, brought about the end of the marriage and I spent the next 20 years or so declaring to myself and to the rest of the world that I would never remarry, let alone have children! I was a successful business man, well liked by the community, well traveled, drove a 1954 Triumph TR2 and led the life of Riley.... Happy and enjoying my life as well as most and better even than some .....

WELL......wilst on a Mexican Pyramid Junket in the late 80's I had another life altering event, but I'll speak of that another time. Suffice it to say that I became a Man On A Mission - to find a wife, have children and retire a happy and content old fool. Trouble was, well, I found myself being almost 40 years old!! Never a quitter, I launched into the dating scene, pursuing my dreams from the arms of one 'almost right' woman to another. I lived in a house of bachelors called the Lost Boys Club. I was doing all of the right things, I just was not finding the right woman who wanted to have children, live a slightly mad nomadic life, had her head and heart on straight, and most importantly, love me for me. Not for who I was, and not for what I might become. When it seemed as though things would never look my way, I returned home one night to find, there, unsolicited, in my mail box, a CATALOG OF WOMEN FROM AROUND THE WORLD WHO WERE JUST DYING TO MEET GUYS LIKE ME!! To this day I still have no clue how this came to be. I opened it up to find little thumbnail size photos of hundreds of alluring wanna be brides. Every nationality and color. Best of all, for only $20.00 they would send me the addresses of each and every one of them!! Yahoo!! I though to myself, "hey, I dropping lots of money every week on dates and getting nowhere, why not try this?" So I signed up and paid for a 4 month subscription and paid in advance. Now, for those of you who remember, this was a time before the internet, when it cost a lot of money to communicate with other parts of the world, postage wise; not to mention the 'lag time' of letters coming and going from place to place. So, I devised this plan - I fired up my old, very old, Commodore Computer and crafted up a serious letter of introduction, letting these candidates know who I was, what my dreams were and what I could offer. I sent out 40 letters the first month, 80 the second and so on...... soon the replies began poring in! Seems the attraction of living in the USA was just as stong (or more) than the attraction of who I was. No big surprise there. What was a surprise was this - I noticed that I received more letters from the Philippines than I sent!!! Seems mail order bride is BIG business there and the women who recieved the letters then shared them with their available pals. I did the research and found that the 10th largest source of income of the Philippine GNP was Filipinas sending back home to the motherland. Whoa I thought, this sword cuts both ways!! But the more I found out about the women from this island nation the more intrigued I became. Great family values. Everyone speaks english. Dedicated spouses. So I narrowed the search. Yikes! Turns out about half were 'gold diggers'. I set up a 12 point rating system and kept to it. I kept charts and wrote letters until I was stupid with anticipation.

Then, opening up the 3rd catalog, there, right in the center of the first page, was Wengs photo.....

Stay tuned for part two.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off To The 80th Birthday Party Of Our Pal, George Egg, or, How I Managed To Lose $4.00 In A Birthday Poker Game

George Egg and I worked together for many years as carpenters. He call tell a joke - sorta like having your own personal Snuffy Smith around..... A long time fan of Neil Diamond and 'The Young & The Restless', George is loved by many people for his personality and utter good looks. He is also really lucky to be married to Susan - can you imagine 'Jorge Huveos' on a daily basis. Great food, a 40 person poker tournament (I beat out 29 other players and I have not played the game since George's 75th party!), loads of children and a wonderful collection of true, and caring friends.

If you follow my posts then I am sure that you would have enjoyed it as much as we did!


ps.... Check out 'Think Music' for my little Neil Diamond toast to George!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Angel From Montgomery

In my life of 1984 I had occasion to meet and spend several hours backstage with Bonnie Raitt. I was the owner of a small nightclub in Portland Oregon at the time and she was performing at a different venue downtown. I dont remember much about the day or the season but I remember the mood. Times were hard. Ronald Reagan had tilted the economy in the direction of the military so places like Oregon, with next to zero defense industry, took a bad hit. The times were tough for the music industry also and Bonnie found herself at rock bottom without a recording label, (Warner Bros also dropped Van Morrison!) and playing small houses. For hours just her and I talked about music and the politics of 'no nukes'. She seemed so sad. However, when she walked onto the stage the crowd lit up and she put on one of the very best performances I have ever seen in my life. I cried when she played Angel From Montgomery as our eyes crossed paths. In my 'Think Music' column you will see a link to a live version of the song she performed in sometime in the 70's and I suggest you take a listen. Years later she returned, triumph, loads of grammys under her arms and played the Arlene Snitzer Concert Hall in Portland. That show can be heard on her cd 'Road Tested'.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weng, My Mail Order Bride

I know that one might find the notion of finding love via the printed word hard to understand, for most people anyway. The world we live in today is not the world of 1993 - the internet was unknown then. The post office delivered letters in days here in the USA, weeks to other countries. Almost hard to believe, isn't it?

I have been wanting to tell our story for some time and now that I have the opportunity to do so, I feel intimidated by the crush of events of daily life to find the time to tell the tale with the color, thoughtfulness and justice it deserves. I am a novice to this blog medium and I beg your indulgence as I learn and refine my methods of communicating digitally. To this end I hope to post, every Monday, an installment of this romance, how it came about, how it blossomed and where I hope it will lead. I expect that I will set my posting in the evening so keep that in mind if you find what I have to say interesting enough to follow the story. Look for Part One this coming Monday.



Hello again friends!

Well, the last few days have been very busy and not busy at the same time. I woke up in the middle of the night last night to find a brilliant yellow moon illuminating the forest we live in. My sleep lately has been troubled with coughing and concern over my health. Normally I am one of those irrepressibly optimistic people who sees sunshine despite the rain but I confess to being down several times over the last 2 months. Today I return to the clinic for more tests. That will bring me to a total of 9 visits in 11 weeks. During this time my Doctor of many years has moved away (to northern Alaska to work with the natives) and I have gone through a series of different physicians since. Well, long story short - we think we have figured out what is going on in side of my body! It seems likely that I have developed some sort of fungal infection in my sinus and lungs. Today I take the tests to help determine what type of infection it is and next month I will be seeing a lung specialist to begin treatment. This is all good but the toll on the family purse has been rough! I dont mind a slowdown on the job (the whole country is taking a big hit these days) but I am distressed and anxious that I am not getting anything done here around the house!! (and there is lots and lots to do...) Anyway, thanks to all of you out there who have lent your support, ears and sympathy, especially my dear wife, Weng. She has been amazing, caring, loving and a rock to our little family.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Waiting On 'El Rayo X'

Yikes!! I have always led a very busy and active life and it has suited me well. Lately I have had the time to reflect and kick back and today is no exception, giving me time to work on my blog and a few other low impact activity........

I am now sitting in the 'diagnostic imaging' unit of St. Vincent Hospital waiting on a CD of my chest x-ray which was taken only 15 minutes ago!! You hear so much about the US medical system, and, despite all of it's faults, it is really, really a scientific marvel! Lets take a look!

Today is cool and a bit cloudy. Weng and Thomas and Kawena have gone berry picking with Ruth on Sauvies Island. How good is that!?


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Lazy Day With President Jackson

I just re-read my entry from yesterday and it is very bittersweet. I spent nearly all of yesterday and today soaking up the sun and reading the book 'Andrew Jackson, American Lion'. I love history and have read many of the biography's of early US Presidents. I confess that I have been somewhat jaded towards Jackson, no doubt due to the unflattering historical account of his place in the early years of this country I was taught in the Catholic Schools of the 1960's. I was raised by a woman of color who's mother had been one of the last children born into slavery in this country. Her name was Josephine Ross and this is not the time to tell her story but I am reminded, again, on this, the day after the 4th of July, just how far as a country we have come. Anyway, the book was a good read, not as good as the recent book on John Adams in my opinion, but worthwhile insight on what the true cost of freedom was, is, and may be.
Tomorrow I start work again after a slow medical recovery that seems to have taken ages.....


Saturday, July 4, 2009

The 4th Of July And The Zero Defect Man

It is now nearly 9pm on the 4th of July, 2009. All around I hear the sound of fircrackers and the like and I wonder where the idea of blowing up stuff for fun came from. I remember loads of great times on this day and I cannot recall a bad time on this day. I know that this country, indeed the power to write on the internet, came from the Ideas of a group of inspired men. (and no doubt their female counterparts). I know also this freedom was the result of a military inspired by the same Idea. For the longest time, in fact until the nuclear attack on japan that ended ww2, the military was a vital and necessary part of maintaining the freedom our parents and masters of 'the greatest generation'. My father was on the tale end of that generation, and, in his own way, a product of it. He was a secret Navy Man in Korea and did things he would never talk about to me and I suspect anyone else. He watched the 50's become the 60's and what the world military became as a result of the 'tension of endless war'. During these year s he found himself serving the nation as a very strange part of the Air Force - a Zero Defect Man. Not too much is known about these people. Their job was to inspect the nukes attached to the 'always in the air' B-52's. Un-nerving to say the least. I have, to this day, remembrances of him lying on the living room floor, sleeping and sweating and talking fearsome talk, so consumed that he barely noticed the 5 children and wife living under his roof. I could not get him to tell me why we needed a fleet of subs and ships and tanks and stuff. Maybe he knew, maybe not. I do know that it takes about $8,000 an hour to fuel just one jet fighter plane for a regular practice run. I wonder weither the money is well spent when I see the poverty, our children's wasted promise of tomorrow, the dreams of our parents and the killing of the planet we share, be consumed at this 'never stop flying/submarining at any cost for the last 65 years mindset. To really change this government, we have to change the way we look and think about the world around us.


Thoughts On Independance Day

At present, I am reading 'American Lion' - the biography of Andrew Jackson. I have read most of the biographys of the early presidents and wonder how they would view America 2009? How far have we advanced as a society in some ways and, more importantly, how far have we slipped back into the roots of our base needs as creatures on this planet? Tough one, huh? Besides the 'in your face 24 hour a day newscycle' what IS going, on behind the scenes, while most of us exhaust ourselves every day trying to maintain the status quo of only 3 years ago? I have several friends name George. One of them lives in the quiet country side of Boring, Oregon. (really a real name of a little town!) George is 80 years old and learned to fly fish from..., well, that is another story....., well, I was visiting recently with him while he was watering his bushes. A F-16

Friday, July 3, 2009

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?

OK, it was on one of our first solo return trips from Mexico..... Weng was, as is now, headstrong and stubborn as she is loving and caring!! Dont let her dainty 'mailorderbride' bloggie give you the idea that she is some sort of submissive trophy wife! She can stand her own with anyone alive, no matter what stature. Organically intuitive, she spends the first important minutes listening to her friends, sizing them up, and then, (if she trusts you) just blasts you with conversation loaded with opinion....
anyway,,,, this tune came on in the middle of the sonorian desert in the middle of the moonlight, take a listen to the tune in the music column.


What Is Important, I Mean, Really.....?..

Tomorrow is the Fourth Of July and I try hard to balance the notion of what our nation is, vs. what it can be! Most people understand this freakish nerve wracking 'put the head in the sand (dvd/cable/net)' reality and try to convince themselves that it is all, somehow, ok. The true spirit of our concept of freedom now rests in the hands of the few - the rich, the very poor, the insane, and of course, The Vagabonds of Mankind. In the hierarchy of this latter world we find the calmness of 'Jorge, The Mr. Rogers Of The Vagabonders'. Once again I salute him and urge you take a moment daily and send your spirit south of the usa border for just 2 or 3 minutes. It will do you good.

Feeling Good and off to face the warmth of the day!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Senator Al Franken

Just a moment for the bloggy.... the family spent the day with Steve Martin yesterday -working on various projects. Steve's back hedge is a monster and it has not been trimmed back for a long time. Weng is taking on the job and I assisted her yesterday for a time with trusty 'Mr. Polan Chainsaw', cutting back the big stuff underneath.... well, in next to no time I was beat!! Less than 4 hours of work and I was beat! Fortunately Steve has a guest bed so I siesta'd up for a couple of hours, left for home with the family, fell straight into bed at 7pm and woke up at 7am this morning - feeling rested and sore. But on the mend. Weng was great yesterday and is developing quite a set of arms!! Thomas and Kawena were kids and Francis programmed Steve's computer/media center.

and right before sleep, OPB was broadcasting the victory of Al Franken....