Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Fan

Little in Life compares with that increadably sweet heaven of being lost in a move that is good to you....We are movie people and that is the way it is. While giant chunks of the population amuse themselves with board games, wii's, you tube (which ain't all that bad), and online gaming/virtual world hour eaters - we do movies. I think it will be nice to start giving a weekly review or two of our cinematic experiences!! Additionally, as part of my campaign to make my blog compelling, I promise to toss on some music of all the different types that appeal to me... If you are inclined you can comment.....

So, for those that have not yet seen it, 'A Day Without A Mexican' is one fantastic film. I am dedicating it Jorge and his mobile haven, Ms. Tioga.... Look for it as the first entry under my Movie Reviews section


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