Monday, June 15, 2009

A Frank Sinatra Haircut Can Be Irresistible In 1952

Hello again fellow travelers, both in the flesh and in the mind! Who would have believed that Eddie & Mary could have caused such a ripple in the nomadic order of things so long ago in the quiet hillsides of Ohio? I scarcely believe my own good fortune to be alive today in 2009 in such a world of wonders!! No matter how one feels about the last great Black and White generation, you cannot deny that the wonderful changes in society and science would not have happened without their resolve and strength. A case in point - when I entered high school in the mid 1960's it was illegal for people of different colors to marry! If Lyndon Johnson would not have turned on the light of the Great Society then my 'mixed blood' children playing now outside may not have been born. Not to mention the most modern political miracle of them all - a black (or more correctly, and more fittingly, half-black) President of the USA.

When so many cry of the very real and pressing problems of this beautiful earth, let's just take a minute or two to consider this amazing event in history. Thanks Mom and Dad. I miss you.

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  1. Hey, nice thoughts and good writing.
    I am already following Weng (thanks to Jorge) so I think I should keep up w/ the whole family.
    You guys are having an amazing life (even if the finances are difficult at times). So glad you're willing to share. We are working toward being on the road more ourselves.