Friday, June 19, 2009

Flatlining With Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood

Hello again blogworld! Its Friday and I have been in bed for the last 48 hours trying to beat this coughing/sinus thing. Yesterday the doctor trashed the pills from last week and gave me a new set to try on.....well... I took one anti-histamine last night and it conked me out cold until 10:30 this morning!! My lazy day was interrupted by the need to go get a 'breathing test' where they made me blow out digital candles on a laptop screen. I failed. Rats. Next Tuesday I get to have colored water injected into my body for a CAT scan....
While not the run up to summer I had hoped for, this downtime has given me time to read, study and consider the scene of my life, and, overall (the state of the world now withstanding) I am pretty happy, content and never bored with the life I lead...

A big shout-out to Jorge and Ms. Tioga


ps. next stop in the cinematic time machine - 'Where Eagles Dare' 1968's version of the mid 40's

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  1. Francisco,
    I think that the anti-histamine thing is the way to go. Should stop the flow of fluids. Give your system a chance to heal.

    Su Amigo,