Thursday, June 11, 2009

Born To Roll


Well, let me begin by saying that I was not born an Oracle. Having said that, we can get into just exactly what an Oracle is a little later when time permits.

My name is Francis, or in the Hispanic world, Francisco. Before launching into my history I am compelled to "pay homage to my mentor" - Jorge of Ms. Tioga fame. His tenacity, good humor, vision, wit and kind nature have inspired me and my little family to tell our story to the world, if, indeed, the world would care to listen. While most in the Traveling Community (Snow Birds, Full Timers, Vagabonds and the like) seem to regard Jorge as the "Mr. Rogers of the RV World", I have come to know him as something akin to a 'Force Of Nature'! Without his intervention into my life I would have not pursued the telling of my tale via the power of the BlogO'Sphere. His story is compelling and I am proud to include myself as a daily follower of his unique insight into the order of things. At times his musings make me feel as though I am sitting on the other side of his dining table (again) sharing chips and salsa and listening to loud, off key, vaguely tribal ummmp pah music. Rest assured he sets a high standard and I plan to refer to him often in my ramblings........

So, as a Forward to it all - be warned! I am no Jorge, and can, from time to time, go off on a mindless tangent, drop a colorful word or two, wrestle with confusion, (just ask the wife, Weng) and be tempted by the excesses of the strange and generally weird world that we all share. Additionally, I dont know beans about blogging yet and may screw up more often than not. I have no intention to maintain any sort of cronological order, and will blend the future, present, and past at my whimsy. I do intend to tell you the truth, as hard as it might be to tell, and as difficult as it may be to believe, it will be the truth.

Oh, yea, in as much as I seem to lead a pretty busy life, I cant promise that I will be as diligent as others in making a daily posting, so, if you find this narrative interesting you may want to throw one of those handy google email alerts on may page to let you know when something new has been tossed out.


How I Began

I was conceived in the back seat of a Grey, 1946 Chevrolet Convertible in the rolling hills west of Zanesville, Ohio in the spring of 1952. My father, a vigorous navy man, some 23 years old, was headed to Korea and was determined to leave his legal and wedlocked mark upon the world. My mother, also 23 and of similar, ah hummm, nature was all to happy to accommodate him......

The dash radio was on, I pretty sure, cause sometimes I can still hear the sounds of big band melodies raging tru my ages...

Here in the next couple of days I'll see if I can find, scan and post the photo of them both, with said Chevy, taken only hours (or possibly minutes) before the deed....

Be Curious

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  1. Finally A great book is beginning to develop here and I will be the first in line.
    I Love you sweet..