Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Born To Roll chapter 2

First check this out! Click on this line to see the 'Snoz' in all his glory!!!! Take a moment and listen to the whole cut - it really goes out there!

This musical link is obscure. 65 years ago, or so, this song raged across the air waves of a greener and simpler USA. It was music that my father and mother knew and loved when they were children and teens. I think this was one of the songs playing on dad's chevy radio that fateful spring day in 1952. It would make sence......

Now, what was the old man thinking in spring of '52 anyway? (note the car magazine on the left)

and, of course, 9 months later, on December 21st to be exact.....(and now on the right....)

Mom was happy I did not have a transmission instead of legs. I arrived home in the little town of Xenia Ohio on Christmas Day.


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