Monday, June 29, 2009

So Long You Comfy Family Transportation Beast!

A sad day! The world moves on without my help it seems and my absence from the workforce requires some sacrifice to the economic alter of 'The American, Pay By The Month Dream'. Adios 1988 Mercedes Benz Station Wagon. Just to comfortable and just a bit to expensive to insure, drive, maintain and fix a few problems. In todays market this car has suprisingly little value (might have something to do with the giant dent on the passenger side!) and some shade tree mechanic will soon have this diamond in the rough sailing the highways again. Cost new in 1988 - $48,000 !!! I sold for $400.00 cash. Times have changed friends.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Beautiful Couple of Days

It has been a beautiful, restful and fun couple of days since last I dropped a line along the internet! One day, off to the incredible Oregon Coast - the next day, a drive in a two seat Mazda Meida with Steve Martin up to Mt. Hood..... The Life Of Riley....

Now, all of this cant last forever, but, it makes for a nice stress free recuperation. Today, Thomas John helped me clean up all of the clutter on the upper driveway. We forgot to take 'before' and 'after' photos. We might get a few ready for tomorrows post.


ps. The photo is sunset on the Island of Camiguin in the southern Philippines

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Born To Roll chapter 2

First check this out! Click on this line to see the 'Snoz' in all his glory!!!! Take a moment and listen to the whole cut - it really goes out there!

This musical link is obscure. 65 years ago, or so, this song raged across the air waves of a greener and simpler USA. It was music that my father and mother knew and loved when they were children and teens. I think this was one of the songs playing on dad's chevy radio that fateful spring day in 1952. It would make sence......

Now, what was the old man thinking in spring of '52 anyway? (note the car magazine on the left)

and, of course, 9 months later, on December 21st to be exact.....(and now on the right....)

Mom was happy I did not have a transmission instead of legs. I arrived home in the little town of Xenia Ohio on Christmas Day.


What's Inside!

Whoa!! Now, that is something! This image is my skull and sinus cavities... it was taken yesterday at St. Vincent Hospital with a giant General Electric CT machine. Amazing what they can do nowadays, just amazing! Of course, I have no idea what is going on inside (medically or thought process wise), but hey, how often do you have a chance to look at your own skull, devoid of flesh? Funny, it reminds me of the closing scene in the movie 'Where The Buffalo Roam' where Hunter S Thompson (played by Bill Murry) contemplates death and the visage of Richard Nixon.......go figure.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 10 Minute TechnaColor Dream

Whoa!! The last 4 days have been an antihistamine blur!! Last Thursday a different doctor (my regular one up and left to work in an emergency room in upper Alaska) told me to get rid of all of my other meds and stuck me on some serious stuff! One tiny pill and I was whacked for 2 days!! Well, after a couple of days of this stuff I said "enough is enough!!" and stopped them all. It is now Tuesday and at last my head is clearing up after 4 days of drinking gallons of tea with honey.......

Oh yea, the dreams, while a little murky, have been great between the snooze button "give me just a few more minutes and then I'll get up" pushings... more on this later!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Flatlining With Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood

Hello again blogworld! Its Friday and I have been in bed for the last 48 hours trying to beat this coughing/sinus thing. Yesterday the doctor trashed the pills from last week and gave me a new set to try on.....well... I took one anti-histamine last night and it conked me out cold until 10:30 this morning!! My lazy day was interrupted by the need to go get a 'breathing test' where they made me blow out digital candles on a laptop screen. I failed. Rats. Next Tuesday I get to have colored water injected into my body for a CAT scan....
While not the run up to summer I had hoped for, this downtime has given me time to read, study and consider the scene of my life, and, overall (the state of the world now withstanding) I am pretty happy, content and never bored with the life I lead...

A big shout-out to Jorge and Ms. Tioga


ps. next stop in the cinematic time machine - 'Where Eagles Dare' 1968's version of the mid 40's

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And Now, A Word From The Present

How does one catch up with the present, anyway? Today is the first real blog 'present' day entry, not talking about 'before' stuff, just stuff from waking up this Wednesday morning.

This morning was a rough one! I have been quite ill for the last month with a badly infected sinus. During the night I woke around 1am and begin coughing for 20 to 30 minutes until I am exhausted and then pass out, throat burning. Around 6, I woke up, stood up, the sinus's drained down my throat and my morning round of coughing started. This takes a lot out of a guy! A little walk around the grounds made me feel better so I popped into the kitchen where ma and the kids are sitting down to pancakes and eggs. Like magic there is a cup of coffee in my hand. Excitement is in the air as Weng and Francis and Thomas and Kawena prepare for their day trip to go strawberry picking with our dear friend Ruth. The pancake is good and I feel that today is a good day to do errands - I have not done much at all in the last two solid weeks except to lay in bed and read. I am the kind of person who needs to be doing something, working with my hands so this has been a very frustrating experience. Not to mention that I have been sleeping alone in the old camper because I am keeping Weng up, and with her taking care of the whole family, she needs her sleep!

Now, there is a silver lining to all this personal misery - I have discovered the blog thing. I like it. It is a relaxing, creative diary and mirror of the times.


Signs Of The Times

Power Supplies. Ever notice that as public telephones decrease, the number of those little household power supplies increase? And, why is it that everything doesnt run on the same kind of power anyway? Curious.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That's Entertainment!

Hello again,

Still figuring out this blog business..... every so often I run across an example of talent that just cannot be denied.... take a moment to check out the incredible performance by an 11 year old girl that I linked under the 'Think Music' tab.....


Monday, June 15, 2009

Movie Fan

Little in Life compares with that increadably sweet heaven of being lost in a move that is good to you....We are movie people and that is the way it is. While giant chunks of the population amuse themselves with board games, wii's, you tube (which ain't all that bad), and online gaming/virtual world hour eaters - we do movies. I think it will be nice to start giving a weekly review or two of our cinematic experiences!! Additionally, as part of my campaign to make my blog compelling, I promise to toss on some music of all the different types that appeal to me... If you are inclined you can comment.....

So, for those that have not yet seen it, 'A Day Without A Mexican' is one fantastic film. I am dedicating it Jorge and his mobile haven, Ms. Tioga.... Look for it as the first entry under my Movie Reviews section


A Frank Sinatra Haircut Can Be Irresistible In 1952

Hello again fellow travelers, both in the flesh and in the mind! Who would have believed that Eddie & Mary could have caused such a ripple in the nomadic order of things so long ago in the quiet hillsides of Ohio? I scarcely believe my own good fortune to be alive today in 2009 in such a world of wonders!! No matter how one feels about the last great Black and White generation, you cannot deny that the wonderful changes in society and science would not have happened without their resolve and strength. A case in point - when I entered high school in the mid 1960's it was illegal for people of different colors to marry! If Lyndon Johnson would not have turned on the light of the Great Society then my 'mixed blood' children playing now outside may not have been born. Not to mention the most modern political miracle of them all - a black (or more correctly, and more fittingly, half-black) President of the USA.

When so many cry of the very real and pressing problems of this beautiful earth, let's just take a minute or two to consider this amazing event in history. Thanks Mom and Dad. I miss you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Born To Roll


Well, let me begin by saying that I was not born an Oracle. Having said that, we can get into just exactly what an Oracle is a little later when time permits.

My name is Francis, or in the Hispanic world, Francisco. Before launching into my history I am compelled to "pay homage to my mentor" - Jorge of Ms. Tioga fame. His tenacity, good humor, vision, wit and kind nature have inspired me and my little family to tell our story to the world, if, indeed, the world would care to listen. While most in the Traveling Community (Snow Birds, Full Timers, Vagabonds and the like) seem to regard Jorge as the "Mr. Rogers of the RV World", I have come to know him as something akin to a 'Force Of Nature'! Without his intervention into my life I would have not pursued the telling of my tale via the power of the BlogO'Sphere. His story is compelling and I am proud to include myself as a daily follower of his unique insight into the order of things. At times his musings make me feel as though I am sitting on the other side of his dining table (again) sharing chips and salsa and listening to loud, off key, vaguely tribal ummmp pah music. Rest assured he sets a high standard and I plan to refer to him often in my ramblings........

So, as a Forward to it all - be warned! I am no Jorge, and can, from time to time, go off on a mindless tangent, drop a colorful word or two, wrestle with confusion, (just ask the wife, Weng) and be tempted by the excesses of the strange and generally weird world that we all share. Additionally, I dont know beans about blogging yet and may screw up more often than not. I have no intention to maintain any sort of cronological order, and will blend the future, present, and past at my whimsy. I do intend to tell you the truth, as hard as it might be to tell, and as difficult as it may be to believe, it will be the truth.

Oh, yea, in as much as I seem to lead a pretty busy life, I cant promise that I will be as diligent as others in making a daily posting, so, if you find this narrative interesting you may want to throw one of those handy google email alerts on may page to let you know when something new has been tossed out.


How I Began

I was conceived in the back seat of a Grey, 1946 Chevrolet Convertible in the rolling hills west of Zanesville, Ohio in the spring of 1952. My father, a vigorous navy man, some 23 years old, was headed to Korea and was determined to leave his legal and wedlocked mark upon the world. My mother, also 23 and of similar, ah hummm, nature was all to happy to accommodate him......

The dash radio was on, I pretty sure, cause sometimes I can still hear the sounds of big band melodies raging tru my ages...

Here in the next couple of days I'll see if I can find, scan and post the photo of them both, with said Chevy, taken only hours (or possibly minutes) before the deed....

Be Curious