Friday, March 30, 2018

End Of Term

Easter Full Moon. Semana Santa.... 

What a term! From the first of the year till now - soo many changes! The photos below are of me and Carter.... we were in the College annual live theater one acts in January. The festival closing play and Carter got the lead! These are a couple of stills from the finale. Carter plays a young writer closing down a bar when a fight breaks out. I play a drunk bigot mechanic and, at the end, as she tries to get away she pulls a gun on me. There is a struggle and I kill her instead. Intense.

And that was the least intense thing about last term....

Actions Speak Louder Than Words....

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Thomas John & Kawena Carter

Hello Thick and Thin Skinned Readers,

Last night Carrot Head took his thinly veiled message before the american people and then walked away. Some of you may have felt comfort at his words, others not. 

I took a more cinematic view of it. Sorta like, is this real?

Today Thomas turns 18 and he has received his notice of registration into the military. Not drafted and he did not enroll, he was merely given notice of passage from childhood to adult. As a father I am proud of the values that my children have - polite, kind, considerate, and non-prejudiced with a sense of fair play and compassion. If he chooses, of his own free will, to enter the armed services, join the peace corps, go to college or shoe horses then I will give my total support and understanding. Like Francis and Carter he will always be given the right and acknowledgement of his free will. That is the gift of God or nature or whatever one believes in. 

Next week Carter turns 14. Her intelligence, values and maturity stand tall and the strength of character she maintains in adversity is nothing short of amazing. The four of us are having a joint birthday party next tuesday - lazertag.... I expect to be vaporized several times by the hands of my children!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Thomas John Lennon And The Blue Super Moon

Dear Monthly Readers......

The Wheel Turns for Thomas John tonight under the light of The Blue Super Moon's radiance. Dont need to go into the significance of the whole celestial thing - you all know about it. What's important is that, in some little way, the synchronous twist of Thomas turning 18 in a couple of hours helps to offset the twisted lunacy of Trumps mad lying speech before the mad hat-less hatters of our congress of sheep. Oh the shame and the exploitation of the grieving innocents.

Ok. I am biased. Unabashedly human. Left my godhead in the waste can of hypocrisy. 

So why the rant? Why not? I'm pissed that the greedheads and motherfuckers have taken over our wonderful country and are filling it with lies and hate and racism.

 Guess thats what higher education does to people (of all ages).... makes you observe and think.....

I will write again in a week when I have a little more time.

 Thomas and Carter taken tonight... 

And for America:

And while I'm at it.... something for me:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Donald