Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon Posting

Full Moon Fans,

Well, today is the Harvest Moon. And my first post on a full moon. Yea, I know I said yesterday was the last for a while. But that was a bit premature. You see - there are a few things that I want to say. I blogged the night that Tom Petty died. I liked Tom Petty's music. I liked Tom Petty even though I did not know him. Anyway, the weight of all the stones I'm carrying got the better of me and I rambled off some emotionally disgusted verbiage directed at the world in general, but also at me. 

A message of the pain and the trials that the world is going through - with us Americans working so hard all the time that we wind up letting  terrible things go on in our society because we are just too tired or too numb to have the energy to do anything about it. But THINK about it people. We all know that things cant last too long when 1% of Americans own 25% of the countries wealth. Something is going to snap in the system - the load is getting to be too much. In order to generate this wealth more labour hours must be put into the system. And dont confuse working for money as the same as working for yourself on a home project, having a vacation, anything. 25% of your work, time, play and money is going to the 1%. Buy fishing licence - 25%,
make $200 in overtime - 25%, Wait in traffic and burn a gallon of gas - 25%. It is no secret. It is all around us and we pay and pay and dont even realize it. Imagine this..... you own 75% of your car. Billionaire Slim owns the other 25%. One out of 4 things you do with this machine you do for his enrichment. Every tank of gas you buy, set of tires, I-tunes download....

The formula works for everything. The point is that sometimes I write in prose like I did the other night. Like most people I make mistakes. None of mine are malicious but they are opinionated and often confusing. I reserve the right to change or remove any thing that I wrote at any time if I feel that it do is supported by my moral code. Also I will remove any comment that I feel is morally offensive or written to throw salt on my or anyone else's wounds. 
Does that make me sound like a hypocrite?  Well, if you were paying for this blog by sending me cash or pushing advertisements on my blog that sent money to me, then I'd say I was a hypocrite. But I'm not, this is a blog where readers are invited guests to the world of my life through my words. Agree with them or not, that is your right, but dont offend your host. That, is simply, bad manners.

So, that's it for the first Full Moon Blog. I'm sure Tom Petty would have rolled up a fattie, laid down on a rooftop and sang to the heavens tonight if we was around. Guess I'll just play his music for him.

 Rest In Sound Tom.

Tom Petty's last stage song. Sept. 25, 2017  Hollywood Bowl
'American Girl'     ironic

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Full Moon Hiatus

Hello Oracle Readers,

I am out of time. Literally. With the kids school, counseling/medical/various appointments, family errands, legal divorce obligations, my school, getting the home ready for winter, my two part time jobs and day to day family responsibilities I now find myself in a pickle. 

Lately the events of the world and my life have cast a shadow over my blog writings, and, looking over them I see that they too closely reflect the negative aspects of everything. This is not me.

So, I have decided to devote that little slice blog time every day to other activities of a more academic nature. I have a steep learning curve this term in college. Starting today, with a few exceptions I expect, I will start monthly only blog installments - every full moon. 

I have really enjoyed showing you all a little of our day-to-day life and hope to never again be put back into such a defensive writing position like the one I found myself in over the summer.

Really, my Best
See you next month

Remember - Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, October 2, 2017

A Simple Twist Of Fate

Dear Believers,

Some times I feel as though the world is full of demons. Demons barking at the kind, at the innocent, at the deserving. 

"I read the news today....

                           oh boy........."

John Lennon

Does the devil speak of evil? Is his crown one of flowers that are not really there? Some say "What..... in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

Yea, I know, more shit on a blog about the rotten shape of things. A year ago things seemed so full of hope and possibility. I wonder if the wretched events in my personal life are merely an extension of some nasty Turning Of The Wheel. When I started my blog back in '09 the world was in bad shape, economically. But full of hope and determination. Things turned around and that was not the work of the devil. Now, eight short years later the Devil is taking credit for the economy roaring like a Rocket Man. Did I just say that?

" ... this is not really happening...
           you bet your life it is, you BET your life it is...
  you bet your life....."

Tori Amos   

Yikes! I just read what I wrote last night. Heavy. How human can I get? Guess the late night blog after too many 18 hour days got to me. Any of you readers out there catch that rant? I am storing that one for happier days when I can look back upon how hard I worked....


Actions Speak Louder Than Words......Most Of The Time

and now to leave on a positive note:

To Busy To Post This Morning

Understanders of a busy life,

Sorry, just have far, far too many things to do to afford the luxury to post this morning......

Check in tonight after class and family errands for some heart felt reflection.....


Actions ARE Speaking Louder Than Words