Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Wonder Woman With Carter & Thomas

Movie Fans,

Last night we went to the Valley Theater, where Thomas and I  work and saw Wonder Woman. So fun, lots of action! Then home to bed. Today is rain, domestics, work.... 

My blog may get a bit boring without the dumb drama of dumb drama but it will be informative - the Life Of A Single Father.....

Oh, yea, also, moving bark chips... the annual ritual now for decades and decades - over 1000 feet of trails - where does the bark dust go? This year I am spreading 36 yards. Thats a lot!!
30 minutes a day and that helps keep my good looks looking good.


Actions (like spreading mountains of bark chips so that the trails are not muddy on the way to the outhouse) Speak Louder Than Words

Monday, September 18, 2017

When The Rain Comes......

Good Morning Lovers of Rain,

Finally. It has started raining! Not a lot and not non-stop, but rain none the less. It started yesterday afternoon while I was working at the Roadhouse. Cleared the forest fire smoke from the skies. Smelled great. The Pacific North West is filled with a lot of quirky people. Many had decided to use the first rain for a walk in Forest Park which has a trailhead across the street from the roadhouse. On Sundays we serve Brunch. And it is really good. Normally from 10am till 2pm. We sold out by noon. Nice. I got home around 5:30 then took Carter to visit a friend. While she was visiting I went shopping - sundries - cleaning supplies and the like. Then back home. Then to get Carter. Then....

I should have done paperwork. My mind and body needed a break but ....one of those days where the brain would not shut off so.....

I watched a few episodes of 'House Of Cards'... too real but made me sleepy and I was in slumberland by 11:00 or so..

Up around 5 and now starting a very busy day.....

Taking the kids to school.... Carter is having a middle school tea party and I am transporting the tea cups....

I love it


Actions, Like Tea Parties, Speak Louder Than Words

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Calm Sunday Morning, Waiting For The Rain To Begin

Good Morning Weather People

It has not rained here in this part of Oregon for a long time - nothing significant for more than 100 days. Thats not real good. The forest fires are burning all over the NorthWest and our days are filled with smoky air and bright red sunsets. It is forecast to rain today and I hope it does. I am off to Home Depot to buy some sundries, laundry supplies, kitchen supplies and things like that. There is a lot to do before college starts next week, and, while I am excited to start again, I am also feeling the challenge of preparing for the winter again. Firewood to split and home weatherization. Do a little car maintenance.

Got to run but will post more later about my distant past and how moving to Oregon came to be.


Actions Speak Louder Than Words