Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013

In the waning hours of 2013 my thoughts drift over the events since my last posting in january of 2012..........almost 2 years.........where did it go?

so much work and pain and tears. maybe that's why i dont remember too much... i can honestly say that there has been more storms at sea than palm trees on the shore...

let's see what tomorrow brings, shall we?


Friday, January 20, 2012

A Quite Moment Early In The Morning

Good Morning,

With all of the rain here my thoughts drift east to New York state and a time in the mid 70's. I was out adventuring in my ol' 56 MGA in the cold when I ran across a coffee shop near Big Pink. Bob was playing for free to a room the size of a small camper.

Here is some sweet melody. Just click here.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Speech For Our Times

Good Cold Morning Movie Fans,

I read yesterday, with some humor, some sadness and mostly open eyes, the announcement by Steven Cobert that he is running for President on the GOP ticket. With biting truth he, along with Jon Stewart, strip the farce of american politics clean.

WELL NOW. I am an opinionated political person and I am concerned at the turn of events over the last year - we now live in a country where a group of 5 men have determined that corporate entities are now people. Really. A sort of rich Super People capable of social mindset manipulation via the media.

So, at the risk of alienating readers, I invite you to click HERE to view one a scene from the movie V For Vendetta. I am asking for only 5 minutes of your attention. As fate would have it, our daughter, Kawena May's nickname is V so it becomes a personal wake up call to the future we hold in our hands. Brings to mind the hollywood remarks of a witch burned at the Salem stake....

"Remember, words are the most powerful thing we humans have. By merely speaking to another we cause Love, or Hate, Pity, Anger, Joy, Remorse or Acceptance. We can bring Peace, War or compassion in a matter of seconds. Words can change how you think and see the world around you. Try it and see how strong Words are."
- Anon